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Writer’s Block. What is really blocking you? – by Light Mark.

mark light

Writer’s block is an imaginary situation when a writer claims he/she isn’t getting those ‘hunches’ or ideas for writing.

Yea, I consider it an imaginary condition cause it’s really not true. It’s in your mind.

Apologies to all writers all over the world who have popularized this thought pattern but I humbly, honestly believe it’s a mind issue.

You meet a writer and you are like “Pal, I haven’t seen your musings online for a while. You got a new platform to put out your work or something?”

And he would be like “If I must be sincere with you, I haven’t been writing. It’s like 6 Months now since I scribbled anything down. I guess it’s the writer’s block thing.”


That’s the situation and it’s an ugly one.

Truth is, writers block doesn’t exist!

Alright, let’s be more reasonable. If you are saying you have a creative project (maybe for an ad-firm, content development for an event or something) on a stream-lined subject (probably a subject you aren’t particularly familiar with) then it’s alright to say you have a block.

Actually, that’s not even a writer’s block. It’s just you lacking sufficient knowledge and ideas in that field.

Question: I’m there right now, what should I do?

Go get educated in that field. Everything you want to know and more is on the internet.

But if you are out of ideas, like totally out of ideas, for writing anything at all. You know your journal and notepad might not recognize you when you come back to it. And no writing-idea is forth coming.

That’s not true. It’s all in your head.


I know there is this writer somewhere reading this, rolling her eyes asking herself “Who is this punk? What does he know about me? Why would he say this block-thing isn’t real? Why does he even think so?”

Of course, I’ll only answer the last question.

I think so because I do know that an average human gets 7,000+ thoughts in a day. Random nagging thoughts that slides into our skulls from God-knows-where.

[Who kept this plate here? And that dirty spoon? Anyway it’s not my house.

Gosh! I hate purple dresses.

Is that gloriously beautiful girl walking towards me? Oh! No! She is hugging that short dude with the I-love-U shirt. Maybe I need mine soon.]

All this are random thoughts that pop into our skulls during the day. Ladies and Gentlemen, THESE RANDOM THOUGHTS CAN BE DEVELOPED.

They are potential Facebook posts, books, blog posts, play/film ideas etc. Your job as a writer is to develop those trivial thoughts that every human is blessed with into amazing write-ups.

And if you are writing a professional project on a singular field and you seem not to be getting ideas. I think you are only nervous and single minded because of the project and what’s at stake.

My advice would be drop the project for a while. Whattttt?

Calm down. I didn’t say call your employer and tell him that you have dropped the freaking, boring project.

I mean go out and have fun a little, go along with your pad, jot down fun random ideas, develop them and when you begin the romance with your creative side, then go back to your project.

I bet it would be much easier.


*As a general rule; when you have a block, get some other creative stuff and do. When you return it wouldn’t be that bad

*Don’t stop writing for months because you weren’t able to complete a particular poem, short story or novel