Home MOVIES/TV Watch all episodes of Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) Season 5 here.

Watch all episodes of Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) Season 5 here.


To all the Ndani TV’s Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) fans, we have good news for you! You can watch all episodes of season 5 here.

Season 5, episode 1: Ring.

Tiwalade is basking in the euphoria of Mide’s proposal and Mama Tiwa invites Woli to the house for prayers. Mama Tiwa asks Woli to anoint her daughter to ward off all evil, but something is missing.

Season 5, episode 2: Anointing Oil.

Tiwa and Mide decide to stay celibate until after the wedding, and Mama Tiwa moves to fortify her daughter with some anointed oil from Woli. Derin discovers the true identity of the man she encountered at the office.

Season 5, episode 3: Blast from the past.

Mama Tiwa accompanies Aunt Dupe to the children’s home to follow up on her adoption process, and Tiwa throws a surprise party for Mide’s birthday. The countdown starts now!

Season 5, episode 4: Fess Up.

Mide and Tiwa’s big day is getting closer and Mama Tiwa is making preparations with Aunt Dupe. Derin and Chris have a run in and it all takes an interesting turn.

Season 5, episode 5: Enemies Within.

The reality of the fact that Mide could have a son dawns on Tiwa and she makes a movie to sort out things with Mide. Shalewa decides to pay Mohammed a surprise visit, and Chris takes out time to revisit his run in with Derin.

Season 5, episode 6: Prayers and Danger.

Mama Tiwa invites Woli to the house for prayers in the build up till the wedding. Mide decides to confront his problems with Theresa head on and Mohammed tries to work things out with Shalewa.

Season 5, episode 7: What really matters.

Mama Tiwa and Mama Mide can’t seem to agree on arrangements for the wedding, and Madam original does not make things easy. Mohammed decides to talk to Faridah about their situation, and Tiwa prepares for Mide’s return from London.

Season 5, episode 8: Two can play.

Tiwa and Mide decide to take a test to be sure that they are having a a baby. Didi invites her new boyfriend to the office to see Tiwa, and Shalewa makes an important decision in her relationship with Mohammed.

Season 5, episode 9: Flat line.

Wedding preparations continue in the Awosika household as Mama Tiwa contracts a family photographer for the event. Tiwa and Derin square up and Shalewa has second thoughts about her decision to leave Mohammed.

Season 5, episode 10: Feelings.

Tragedy strikes the Macaulay family, as Mide’s father passes on. Tiwa makes an effort to provide emotional support for Mide, and Mohammed decides to take a stand in his relationship with Shalewa.

Season 5, episode 11: Bridal Shower.

Mama Tiwa invites Woli to the Awosika residence for prayers to secure Tiwa and Mide’s relationship, and things seem to get to a head for Jade, the events planner for the wedding. Derin reaches out to Theresa for closure.

Season 5, episode 12: Season Finale.

On the season finale of Skinny Girl in Transit Season 5, Mide crashes Tiwa’s bridal shower to give her an update on the DNA test. Derin has a surprise change of heart and makes an attempt to mend things with Tiwa.