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Uyo Book Club: All you need to know about it.

Every Saturday, between the hours of 3pm-6pm, in Uyo, the capital city of Akwa Ibom state in Southern Nigeria, a group of dynamic men and women convene at a central location to read books and share ideas.

At Uyo book club, there are books of all categories and fields, including:

Novels, short stories, poetry collections, autobiographies,
motivational books, journals, magazines, newspapers etc.

uyo book club


The convener of the book club, Dr Udeme Nnana, a veteran journalist and lecturer came up with the idea of a book club as a way of encouraging young people to read and keep abreast with intellectual matters in order to play active roles in today’s knowledge-driven society.

He makes references to the ancient Greek states where
citizens came together in clusters to discuss and debate on
intellectual matters.

These clusters birthed knowledge and advances in
philosophy, medicine, history, science, government etc. Their ideas and achievements changed their world and still affect us up till today. Dr Nnana’s vision is to see book clubs at every street corner in the city of Uyo and in the country.

Uyo book club
Some members of Uyo Book Club discussing on relevant topics.

Joining the book club is easy. You walk in, pick a book of your choice and read. And then join the group discussion or contribute to the review of the book of the week. On some Saturdays, notable men and women visit as guests to share their life experiences with the members of the book club.

I spend my Saturday afternoons and evenings at the
book club as there is always something new to learn.

You can follow updates on the facebook page:
Uyo Book Club.

Here is a short video clip of a discussion session on the future of
African continent.

The meetings hold every Saturday from 3-6pm at Edidiongabasi lodge, plot 89, Akwa imah estate off Aka etinan road, Uyo.

For more information, call 08084444000.

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