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Uniuyo Armed Robbery and the Tales We Hear[d] – By Akanimo Kingsley.

Uniuyo armed robbery

For one who is mindful of the idea of causation and intent, it is not proper to always align with the most popular thought. My name is Akanimo Kingsley and I love to think differently.

On Wednesday June 12, 2013, the height of a bloody protest in UNIUYO was the death of a student and setting ablaze some buildings in the town campus.

Most significant of the inferno-caught structure was the building that housed the Examination and Records Unit of the university, where sensitive documents of students were destroyed.

In a blame and counter blame spree, tales came through that those who were behind the Exams and Records Unit arson, were students who knew they’d never graduate, although the management never publicly admitted such position.

Yet, coming from the perspective of intent, it was more likely to be true because no sane student, no matter the grievance, would torch down the very heart of his existence as student.

Back in school, there were tales of how certain individuals cornered students and rob them of valuables, except educational materials. Interestingly, these predators operate on daily basis especially in the evening and night.

There were tales of them, raping, robbing and assaulting at will, everyday.

In fact, there were tales that even the security personnel of the university dread(ed) these humans and I get tempted to believe. Now, who are they?

Tales say that (as in a typical public higher institution in Nigeria) the University of Uyo is not without her dose of troubles from a certain ‘forest men’, whom I know as descendants of Wole Soyinka and sons of viper, as biblical baptist John would best describe.

These human beings are not alien, they are students who like weed, grow among crops and again, tales have it that they can never be banished.

Could it be true that according to tales, these forest men are deeply rooted in Man O’ War and Peace on Campus Initiative (PCI), the two security outfits in the university, maned by students?

Or, can I believe it when tales say that every leadership in the university negotiates with the forest men to lie low, and when the leadership (of the university) fail to ‘settle’ them periodically as agreed, they deploy their little ‘snakes’ to prey on innocent students?

How about the one tales report that some lecturers also belong to the forest movement? My God!

The night class robbery and rape in the female hostel; how did it get to that? It had long gotten to that, years back and even the students got used to it, like those who adapt to life in ‘ghetto’.

Questions should be asked and answers must be provided. What has the Students Union been doing about these forest men daily invasions?

Why did somebody not scream about the absence of functioning security lights at strategic locations on campus? Why are old and naturally tired men recruited as security in an institution filled with youths?

Lastly, I charge the students to begin to be interested in the people elected to represent them. Let them demand result from the union officials, not excuses.

Then for the management, I can only warn that every threat to life, welfare and properties of students, is a potential June 12 (God forbid), therefore, let the needful be done and let the forest movement be significantly distanced from the campuses. No thanks to Wole Soyinka, anyway.