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Savage! Tweet of the day by Ben Murray-Bruce. “If meningitis is caused by sin, politicians would all be affected.”

Lol. Something new always happens each day. Senator Ben Murray-Bruce today, indirectly lashed out on Governor Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara State after he said that the outbreak of Type C Cerebrospinal Meningitis in the country was a direct punishment from God to the people of Nigeria for their various and numerous sinful acts.

Chai! Meningitis? Sin from God? We just don’t understand. And Ben Murray-Bruce did not take it on a light note. He reminded everybody of the sins of Nigerian politicians and noted that if meningitis was a punishment from God for people’s sins, politicians would by now be suffering from the disease.

Ben Murray-Bruce

We agree with Bruce on this one abeg. Even Boko Haram people would be affected. Haba!

Or maybe, we should say that there are a lot of sinners in Zamfara since the state appeared to be worst hit by the disease.

According to reports, about 200 people have died from the disease, while others are receiving treatment in hospitals.

Governor Yari said only 5 million doses of the type C Virus vaccination is available globally and 50 thousand is available in Nigeria.

Out of the 50,000, only 20,000 doses were given to Zamfara State.