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Tuface Idibia, @official2baba Surprises his wife on their wedding anniversary in the most beautiful video ever.


TuFace Idibia, Legendary Nigerian Pop Star and Annie Idibia, Nollywood actress, celebrated their 4th marriage anniversary yesterday and he released a remix of the African queen video which he originally released in 2004, in which Annie was featured as “The African Queen” to celebrate their anniversary.

Turns out that was not all. Tuface Shared another video of how he surprised his wife during dinner when she actually thought he was still in Madrid. Apparently, the music icon had been in Madrid, and never told Annie he was on his way back to Nigeria.

During Dinner with two friends, Tubaba walked in and covered her face with both of his palms and what’s more adorable is that she could recognize him by only feeling his hands. Annie was all excited, meaning the surprised worked.

According to TuFace, Annie thought he was in Madrid.

She thought she was just having a simple and peaceful dinner with Franky and Naomi.

TuFace had proposed to his sweetheart of 18 years on Tuesday, 14th February 2012 at the popular JJ Okocha’s Club 10, Lagos. According to family and friends who were all gathered on invitation by Tuface, The duo stepped inside the club at about 11 pm of that day.

Then, around 1 am, the music stopped and Innocent Idibia popularly known as 2baba who had a microphone with him started making his speech.

He said he met a young lady 12 years ago and they had been through a lot and he apologized for all the wrongs he had ever done in the past.

By then, he was already walking towards her saying he really loves her. He went down on his knees and said, “Annie Unwana Macaulay, will you marry me?”

With tears, she accepted the proposal. And after four years, they are still stuck with each other and in love.

“18yrs ago I met this beautiful human being and 4 years ago, she said yes to be by my side through it all. Words cannot express how much she means to me. My true African Queen. She lit up my life. We laugh, we fight, we clown around sometimes and get serious sometimes. If I have 2 do these things all over again it’ll most definitely be with you, my love.” TuFace wrote.

Happy anniversary once again to this amazing couple.

Watch the surprise video below: