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Ten Fatal ‘Toasting’ Errors men make that annoy women – by Tosin Ayo

Tosin Ayo
If you’re a guy and you’re wondering why young ladies try to push you off immediately or during your first conversation with them and you never make it past that stage? Tosin Ayo has your problems all outlined for you and speaks the mind of the ladies.
Read and break free from these limiting habits and oh! Don’t forget to help your fellow brothers by sharing.


1. Interrogating and interviewing women like you are a Detective or a potential employer is a No No.

It gives you off as a punk ass, misogynistic, rude, intrusive and arrogant fool who either wishes to know the dark past he cannot correct or offer her a privileged job under you.

You end up making her edgy, defensive and distant from you. Rather than warm up to you, she begins to develop defences, build up fences and ultimately retreat from you.

It is even more stupid to ask her all the questions at once. She will simply mail you her CV. Sebi you want to be stupid ni.

2. Asking about who and what she is without telling her anything about you.

Like seriously? Who does that? You want to know everything about a woman in one fell swoop without giving her a reciprocal update about you? A relationship is a bi-partite union, both parties should know each other.

Asking without telling makes the potential union appear disjointed and unequal from the start.

No woman loves a slave master who isn’t wise enough to mask his ego and senseless pride in smithereens.


3. Dangling the marriage card too early.

Stop putting the cart before the horse. First things first. Befriend before you be-marry.

It is good to know what you want upfront and even give the hint of seriousness, but asking a woman out with the marriage card makes it appear like a suspicious bait and a curious incentive.

If marriage is all there is to you, you are very boring. Such hurried declaration of marital intention makes you appear desperate, uncoordinated, deceitful and weak.

It means you can be easily swayed to marrying anyone in a split second of momentary affectionate infatuation.

It makes the woman scared, overwhelmed and doubtful of the sincerity of your aim.

If you can decide to spend the rest of your life with a woman you are yet to truly meet, how more careless, irrational, illogical, senseless, fleecing and hasty can you be?

You are exactly the type of man she doesn’t want to marry. Are you a ghost vagabond?

4. Boasting about what you are, rather than who you are.
Pride they say, goes before a fall.
Some men are in the habit of rolling out their credentials and economic pedigree when asked the simple question ‘Who are you?’. You were not asked ‘What are you?’.
She is not recruiting, stop sending your CVs. Not every woman is impressed with your fat bank account If your mind is empty.
She wants to know what drives you, not what you drive. If you must give a hint of how comfortable you are, do so with tact, not with annoying pride. Olowo Igbo…


5. Telling a woman you are just trying to date to pay you the first visit.

Just stop it. It’s tacky and disrespectful. It’s just so foolish and insensitive.

It makes you appear like a predator who is out to smack his prey. And some of you make this foolishness appear so sexy by alluding lack of time and your busy schedule as the reason for such heretical invitation. Weh done Sir, Mr. Busy skedule.

If she really matters to you, you will find time to pay her a visit. Even if she will visit, it shouldn’t be the first time.

Dating is serious business, only the serious minded with time on their hands should engage in it.

6. Asking for nudes.

Okay, this is quite controversial. But If your first request from someone you claim to love is to strip and snap, your head needs pyscho-analytical examination.

You should be checked into Yaba left. Investigate the worldview of a woman before going personal with her. This is the whole body language conundrum.

It takes native intelligence and sufficient familiarity to willingly talk a woman out of her panties. Learn it. Asking a fresh date for nudes shows how unintelligent you are. Be gone.

7. Talking about yourself too much.

It’s permitted to be narcissistic and self-cloudy, but to be showy, uncouth and exhibitionist about it is condemn-able.

If you so much love the sound of your voice and the quality of your chats so much that you give no room for the prospective date to say a thing, what more proof do you require than this to know you are mad?

Me this, Me that. Everything revolves around you, can you just date yourself please?


8. Telling a woman about your unpalatable past experience in the hands of women. 

If you tell a woman you have been a maga, you are giving her ideas of how to make you one.

If you tell her women use and dump you, she will begin to find the reasons you were not good enough for them and swiftly follow suit.

If they found you uninterestingly dumpable, why should she suddenly find you excitingly date-worthy? You sef think am.

If you were not good enough for your series of exes, why should you suddenly become a worshipped delight? Use your head.

9. Telling a woman you have several options who would jump at the offer to date you.

Pele, Mr. World. If you were that wanted, how come you are still single? Why not just date yourself.

Saying there are many fish in the ocean makes you appear proud and cocky. No woman wants such an avoidable competition.

If you had so many options, why then did you approach her? Such careless statements will make her deal with you perpetually with a tinge of doubt and unseriousness.

10. Asking for her body count.

How exactly is this your business? Are you a body calculator?

To wish to know how many men a woman you are yet to date has given her bread smacks of Hypocrisy, insecurity, nosiness and insensitivity.

What matters to you is that she is yet to set fire to the bakery and she is capable of giving you bread from there. That a woman is no longer a virgin should suggest to you that water has passed under the bridge.

The quantity of water is none of your business. Moreover, If you were not a participant in her past, her activity during this period except her capacity to reproduce is not your ‘consign’.

She isn’t accountable to you in the time under review. Face the seller, avoid the market noise.

Avoid these dating requisition errors and more and have a swell time. Cheers.