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TBoss of BBNaija Tells Bisola that TTT has a child, the Look on Bisola’s Face is Priceless.

Bisola BBNaija

Hehehe! We knew this day will come though. Wait till Bisola comes out of Big Brother Naija house to get the full gist about Thin Tall Tony’s (TTT) Marriage. That’s by the way.

Today on the Big Brother Naija Show, which is exactly ten days after Thin Tall Tony was evicted from the Show, Thin Tall Tony’s secret has been made known to Bisola. Ghen Ghen (Bad Sound)

Thin Tall Tony and Bisola were known to be really close to each other when he was still in the house.

So, during a normal discussion, TBoss, another housemate, informed Bisola that Thin Tall Tony has a child.

“I actually heard a few times in the House that he has a child,” said TBoss.

This was after Bisola talked about having a strong bond with Thin Tall Tony.

Well, as you know, our twitter people do not have any chill. Watch a short clip of the moment below. Her expression is just priceless and the “ehn?” after that, Typical Nigerian.

Bisola immediately went mute after that, trying to take the information all in.

“I don’t know about that. He told me his mom wants him to have a kid because he’s 36,” she said, eventually.

Turns out Ese, one of the two fake housemates which were introduced midway into the BBNaija show, had hinted Bisola that she saw TTT as a married man in her dream. Lol

On the other hand, Thin Tall Tony during interviews after he came out of the house, had said he never tried to lead Bisola on and he never denied his family.

According to him, Bisola was just someone he liked and admired. He just never revealed he was married because he had been watching the Big Brother Show for 12 years and noticed a lot of married people don’t last in the game.

Oshe Baddest!