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Sign this petition: Say no to petroleum tankers in Nigeria driving during the day.

Petroleum Tanker

In line with the current incident of the explosion of a petroleum tanker at Otedola Bridge in Lagos, Nigeria, well meaning Nigerians have spoken out on ways to stop this from reoccurring.

One of them is Olorunfemi Gbenle. Gbenle has called on every Nigerian to sign the petition on Change.org for restricting movement of trucks in built up areas within Nigeria to the hours of 11pm and 5am.

Gbenle wrote:

I’m so angry, angry at all those who had years of influence in political office and did nothing, angry at how the Nigerian capitalists do not care about anyone or anything but their pockets.

I’m angry about how the government puts little or no value on human lives.

I’m mega angry that we are a people who would do nothing but rant about this on Facebook for a few days and then forget about it till the next incident.

It reeks of complete lack of value and regard for human lives to have Lagosians living in the midst of combustibles.

Apapa tanks farms are all accidents waiting to happen, then we have to deal with the harbinger of death in the form of these trucks and the lunatics who drive them.

If you reside in Lagos , I’m sure you have a tale or two about these truck drivers who will blatantly tell you they don’t care about your life, so get out of their way.

It would seem the solution to this Problem is quite simple; Railway, a single train will convey the equivalent of 50 or more trucks in cargo.

This will save cost of transportation drastically and save us billions of tax Naira in road maintenance.

This simple yet effective means of transportation will save us all the headaches of focusing so much on our rear view mirrors while driving.

I am not stupid enough to think we won’t need tankers for delivery to the individual stations, but there surely can be a law restricting their movement in built up areas to certain times.

These issues are NOT entirely political, they are Capitalist issues.

The Business man who cuts corners to get a DPR license for a filling station smack in the middle of residential areas is as much to blame as a trucker who owns 500 trucks and would readily pay hoodlums to vandalise railway tracks.

The importer who buys accident-ed used trucks to be refurbished and sold in Nigeria should also not sit back and blame the government.

So what is the way forward? Can I get at least a thousand Nigerians to Help me sign a petition to the senate?

I will also require a lawmaker to sponsor a bill limiting the time for truck movement in built up areas to the hours of 11pm-5am.

Click here to sign the petition and invite your friends to do same.