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READ: BBN and the Nigerian hypocrisy question – By Courage Mbon

Courage Mbon
“The one who eats everything must not treat with contempt the one who does not, and the one who does not eat everything must not judge the one who does, for God has accepted them.”  Roman’s 14:3 (NIV)

I must confess that reality shows have never been my thing.

Whether it be keeping up with the Kardashians, or Big brother anywhere, I have never felt good about sitting back, putting my life on hold, just so I can watch others live their own lives.

Enter Big Brother Nigeria. After a church service some Sundays ago, my friend Mmenim Ekerete walked up to me to inform me that his brother Ekemini “Kemen” Ekerete may be unveiled later that evening as a housemate at the BBN.

I smiled and told him I don’t watch that much of reality shows, but for Kemen, I would try.

For obvious reasons, I have not followed the show that much, but I don’t miss the eviction shows and whenever I can, I watch the highlights.

But this rant is not about Kemen.

This rant is about my people, the Good and Bad people of Nigeria. Recently, social media has been flooded with preachment and pontifications against “the Immorality perpetuated at BBN.”

Some later day saints have just woken up to discover that the brand of immorality shown on a show rated 18 is more condemnable than the ones they practice behind closed doors.

It is common knowledge that the Big Brother show is a selective enactment of George Orwell’s 1945 master piece – the animal farm.

The show is a “no hold barred” visual experience where housemates’ lives are watched by viewers across the world.

Like all of us, these house mates have beautiful and laudable lifestyles and of course, the “not so good parts”.

The show organisers have outlined games and activities for mental and physical developments to add spice to the show, but of course, you cannot keep young men and women together for that long in seclusion and not expect emotions to fly.

And since BBN shows everything, we see everything!

However, there is the option of tuning to another station.

Go TV, DSTV’s cheaper option has well over 57 channels. You do not have to watch big brother.

If you are feeling very spiritual, try kingdom Africa or daystar.

It shows your level of mental retardation if you say you do not like a show because it shows sexually explicit contents, yet you browse the internet and download the same contents and post it on your timeline to buttress your point.

Meanwhile, how do we explain that you miss the physical exercises, miss the activities that promote our cultural heritage, miss the puzzles and other events that stretches mental capacity, but you don’t miss the soft porn?

And then to your hypocrisy, if you do not like a thing, you must understand that no one is under any obligation to tow your line of thoughts.

This is how extremists started. You cannot force your preferences down our throats. Learn tolerance.

This is a secular society. And by the way, isn’t is worrisome that most of these later day saints are entertainers who practically live lives that would make the devil puke if it were shown on TV?

Oh, wait, are those posts targeted at bettering your online ratings? You know some of us know you offline abi?  Okay, Kontinuu.

Finally, the Bible portion quoted above summarises what I think about this issue.

If you like big brother, watch it. Share fun moments from it and don’t hate those that don’t like it.

And if you don’t like it?  Watch Daystar or watch TB Joshua’s prophecies on Emmanuel TV and avoid the worldly things that happen at BBN.

And while at it, kindly keep your righteousness offline!
God bless you!

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