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Questions You Need to Ask Yourself – By Alexaglory Udo

Do you remember when Obasanjo was a civilian president of Nigeria? MTN became the first GSM network operating in Nigeria?

Do you remember when Nokia 3310 was the “in thing”? Do you remember humming that Celine Dion’s song “a new day has come”?

Did you cry when TuFace fell out with Face and Black Face after which he went solo and gave us the song “African Queen”? That was in the early 2004, a little more than ten years ago.

Think for a moment. Where were you then? What kind of person were you back then? Who were your friends back then? Do you remember your dreams as of then?

If someone asked you back then, “In the next ten to fifteen years, where do you see yourself?” What would have been your reply? Where you are today, is it where you wanted to be then?
Time flew quickly, didn’t it?

Who also remembers Late Yar’ Adua’s Vision 2020? Well, my point is, 2020 is already in sight and not as far away as it looked when Yar’ Adua first mentioned it.

Will you be pleased with yourself when you look back in the year 2030, huh????? In the mid 2000s, I was a young kid who loved singing but was the butt of many ridicule. Why????

I was not good enough. But in a few short years, I discovered a secret that changed my game forever.

I decided to master the art of singing and consciously worked towards that goal. Today, my story is different.

Consequently, if we must change the course of our lives, we must make a decision and back it up with insightful actions.

In the next ten years to come, what milestones do you want to mark? What can you do differently today to get there? What decisions should you be making now? Now! Is the time to start working it out?

Go master the art of singing, take control of your finances, go back to school etc. Your life changes when you make those decisions and make those moves in view of your next level.

Alexaglory Udo is an artiste and young vocal coach interested in helping vocal enthusiasts upgrade their game. She also encourages people to become the best they can ever be.