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#Keepthechangebae: This Nigerian guy, @PabloAyodeji thinks going on a date with a Lady, @missmoshiku, equates being in a relationship with her and She Wore her Savagery Uniform. Our Twitter people were not left out.

Jimoh Ibrahim

This one is between @PabloAyodeji and @Missmoshiku. Lol

It’s official, we love Twitter and the high level of savagery that goes on there. Okay, Okay, We have a fresh gist for you.

Twitter user, @PabloAyodeji went on Twitter to rant about some girls being mad because he apparently went on a date with a girl and he expected a relationship in return.


You know what she did? She got his account number from a post he once made in 2016 asking for school fees, returned his money and asked him to keep the change. Chai! 1-0

What’s more? He still had the nerve to say the money was not enough for his data. Bros, how far na?

Hehehe. Our Twitter people who have no chill had to bring in their full savagery and we like them like that. Check out some comments below:

Na real wa. No wonder that you are upset about the babe not wanting to be in a relationship with you ? https://t.co/AdJaJfuhrz

— Oréoluwa A. (@teeVaa_) March 29, 2017