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Citizens Lament as ATM Brings Woes.

The queue on at ATM’s these days is absolutely alarming. What’s worse? It’s Christmas! It’s Jesus birthday and we have to celebrate it in a grand style. Chickens, goats, wines and lots more.

The children need new clothes, caps, bags, wristwatches and sunshades.
Why are the ATM’s acting up?

Temporarily unable to dispense cash,
Issuer or Switch Inoperative,
Your institution is not available,

And all the languages that machine speaks.

You can’t even try to beg anyone to let you use the next machine because everyone is scared. “What if I help you and when it gets to my turn, the money finishes? Sir, i will help you next year.”

There is frustration and anger in the air. We all hope it turns out to be a Merry Christmas. But from us to you, it’s a Merry Christmas already.

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