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Portuguese man and Husband to Nigerian Woman, Chiamaka Glory De Frietas, Who was Butchered in Hospital, Speaks Up.


Chiamaka Glory de Freitas, a 24-year-old Nigerian from Imo State who was happily married (Emphasis on the word happily) to a 60-year-old Lagos-based Portuguese millionaire named Arlindo De Freitas has been reported dead.

According to him, his wife was butchered by doctors at the Mart Hospital in Lagos hours after childbirth.

“When I entered the theatre, all her organs were scattered around, I couldn’t look, it was like the work of a butcher…” he said.

This incident happened on Friday, 24th March 2017 – at 41 weeks of pregnancy.

According to him, at 41 weeks of pregnancy, no baby water was seen and a result cesarean section was done.

The procedure was successful and the baby was delivered around 8.30 am on Saturday.

“My wife was moved out of the theatre and transferred to a private room to recuperate. At some point, she was in excruciating pains and the doctors kept giving her doses of painkillers.”

Arlindo was asked to leave and wait for a call before coming back to the hospital after he told them he was uncomfortable and as a medical student years ago, he thought his wife haemorrhaged.

Hours later, the doctors said they have to open her up for another operation again to find out what was going on with her.

“I said why can’t you use ultrasonic tools and scan to see what’s going on instead of cutting her open and allowing her to lose more blood?”

“By the time I got to the hospital, they had already cut her open for the second surgery. They opened her thorax from under the breast down and finally, they found nothing after four hours of operation.”

“I was an emotional wreck at this point.”

“I never gave consent for the second surgery, nobody in my wife’s family did. Until this moment, the cause of the death is still unknown.”

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