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Nerd Style: A new look for Naija men?

It’s in the chunky glasses, and the textured bow-tie. There’s only one way to describe Naija men’s fashion right now. And the word is NERD.

20 years ago, the idea of wearing suspenders, bowties, vests and glasses were more Boy Alinco.

Traditionally, men dressed in this style were considered swag-less, corny, and incapable of really being stylish or fashionable.

They weren’t cool and no one wanted to be them much less dress like them. So much in fact, the cooler version of Boy Alinco, Boise Alienco ditched all those elements and adopted a basic look.

Fast forward to present, men have released just how ahead of his time Boy Alinco was. Yet, 20 years later, we’re seeing a renaissance in men’s fashion.

We constantly see most celebrities trying to dress smarter, and it has had a trickle down effect to the streets.

Whether its AY wearing a pair of black nerdy specs somewhere at a comedy show in Lasgidi, or John Obi Mikel bowtie game being better than his current game stats or Noble Igwe’s fedora hat, we are seeing a nerd chic style across the board.

No longer are Nigerian men being known for dressing “bad”. Once upon a time, we clowned “Boy Alinco”, and now we are borrowing the clothes out of his closet.

Check photos of some of our favorite celebrities who are constantly bringing NERD CHIC to a whole other level.

SteVe Aawsum is a fashion Stylist and Entertainment Consultant. He is the Executive Director and Fashion Consultant at S.A Clothiers, a rising fashion brand. He is also a Performing & Recording Artiste and a HomeChef. He can be reached at: contact.steveaawsum@gmail.com or call: 07057783052