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‘The Music Myth’ by Light Mark.

Light Mark
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They have successfully tricked most of us into believing that the public (which we are part of) are really in love with mediocre stuff.

Well, I sincerely think that’s a cheap propaganda by those with nothing-talents, who have fooled their own minds into believing they can’t do anything excellence.

And understanding that they are likely to dry off and lose their place in an ever evolving world, they needed a plan.

So simply, they engage their imagination to cook up lies, the popular lies. And over time the media, our brains and subconscious have accepted it as true.

They conceptualised the myth that youths aren’t interested in lyrics. “Just give them good beats.”

So, musicians can better concern themselves with ‘important things’ like lavishing money, lascivious lifestyles, creating fake personalities all to draw attention to them and that would amazingly pull traffic to the ‘middling-mediocre songs’ they create.

Somehow, making rest of the population feel these guys have arrived and aren’t living off the masses. Excellent strategy, isn’t it?

There is no ambiguity or vagueness to this rant of mine.

These things are evident as we all know that 90% of the songs we hear on radio are stuff that should have been flushed out immediately they popped into the musician’s skull. Yes!

This isn’t rocket science and of course, you don’t need to have earned a degree in musicology to know a good song when you hear one.

A wise old man (now dead), once said ‘Music is food to the soul’ and I guess he wasn’t referring to what we are served these days, because when you taste a delicious food, you just know. You don’t need to be a graduate to know that.

But we have been tasting, eating, glopping soured meal and still smiling and singing their praise. (Isn’t that what slaves do?) And what’s worse?

After corrupting our minds with horrible fouling thoughts they call music, WE PAY THEM!

And they get richer and richer and make more mediocre musicals, build empires, recruit artistes like them (Who’s gonna help a fellow from the other divide?).

And the real good artistes don’t get the spot light and there are slimmer chances of us experiencing good art.

So, you once-in-a-while open your stinking mouth to say there aren’t good artistes in Nigeria. Brother, YOU LIE!

The whole situation manipulates your mind into accepting that it can’t keep wishing for good art; when it does exist nowhere.

You accept the fact that our century is a hole in the timeline of human existence and nothing but nonsense pussy-money-shayo-sex songs can come out of us. THAT’S A BIG LIE!

The truth is, these guys who are frequent on screens and radios and get all the media attention are infesting our minds with rubbish.

And you may be asking, how did they get all these stuff going for them?

I guess I know how. YOU GAVE THE POWER TO THEM!

Yea, that’s right! You did.

Every single time you downloaded their tracks, watched their videos on YouTube, showed up at their gigs and event, that’s giving the power to them.

It’s an amazing figurative way of saying “Who cares about the good stuff? Nonsense take over!”

That’s what the truth sounds like, get used to it.

I can’t pour out my heart on a single article but I must tell you that it’s having a multiplier effect on the local up-coming musicians. (Review the songs produced on your street and see that I’m not doing some fancy slam on anybody).

Guys, we have an option.

Pay for, support and promote only good art and someday those funky popular music-perverts will be out of their moment.

This is what revolution looks like.