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Mercy Johnson @realmercyj Tells Fans to Beware of Scammers as She is not Giving Out Ipads and Phones

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie aka Mama Purity lashes out on imposters and scammers trying to defraud people of their money on Facebook.

According to her, the scammers tell people to send money to a particular account number saying Mercy Johnson is giving out free IPads and phones and they have to pay some amount of money to the account in order to receive the Ipad or phone.

A lot of scammers have been out posing as different celebrities and defrauding innocent fans who fall for their pranks.

On social media, there are different accounts created by different people in the names of these celebrities.

Recently, former beauty Queen, Agbani Darego also took to her Instagram page to say that she is not on Facebook.

Mercy Johnson said she is trying to get ownership of her verified Facebook page.

“I have only one Ipad for myself and I don’t intend to give it out. I am not sharing free Ipads or phones and I have and will never ask my fans to pay money to me for anything.” She added.

“Do not pay money into any account for delivery from Mercy Johnson as it is a scam.” She advised her fans.