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You have that Kimono you ditched? It’s time to bring them all out and Check out these 10 Stylish ways you can wear a Kimono

Ki-mono! You’ve obviously heard this word before. If you haven’t, we’re always ready to break it down for you. Kimono fashion never gets stale. Kimono, a Japanese word meaning “thing to wear” (ki- “wear”, mono – “thing”) is used to describe a Japanese traditional robe which is usually worn for special occasions by the Japanese.

But hey! Almost everything can be tweaked into something stylish.

The modern Kimono which is mostly found in light fabrics can be worn in different ways and some stylistas have shown us how. From wearing it over a jean to wearing it with a posh skirt, the kimono is just unique. Check out these amazing kimono styles below:

Kimono and Denim jeans

This stunning combination is a must-try for everyone who wants to rock a kimono. This amazing combination by Miley Cyrus and the beautiful Tamika.



Kimono and Shorts

Kimono and denim cut-off shorts looks just as great. So, if you’re going for a casual look, Kimono and denim cut off shorts are the next best thing to kimono and a denim jean. Rock this with a boot or heels and you’re good to go.



The Kimono dress

As much as the Kimono is worn on top of other clothes, a Kimono dress can do some magic. It looks more like a robe but with the wide sleeves. A pretty fabric design would definitely make it stand out.

Kimono dress
Kimono dress


Kimono and Thigh highs

Agatha Ashi showed just how to rock this Kimono sweetheart with fabulous thigh highs. Her dashiki Kimono and thigh high is just soo amazing.

Agatha Ashi: Kimono and Thigh highs


Kimono and Skirts

Kimono and skirts are absolutely amazing. From pencil skirts to maxi skirts, Kimonos are definitely a yes. Tamika rocked it. So can you.

Tamika: Kimono and Skirt

There are a lot of amazing ways you can wear the Kimono. Feel free to tweak it and be stylish.

Photo Credit: Pinterest|Instagram.