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#Keepthechangebae: @missmoshiku Becomes First Bank Ambassador, Wins Lots of Gifts From People because she decided to be bold. Lol


If you didn’t keep up with the story, we have it all in one place for you. It’s a story of how a twitter user @pabloayodeji went on a date with @missmoshiku and thought she was supposed to return the favour by being in a relationship with him.

He called her a broke ass hungry bitch and all she did was return his money and asked him to keep the change. Ghen Ghen.

Check out the full story and tweets here.

A lot of people think that was a bold thing to do and they didn’t waste time to utilize that to make their brands popular as well as dish out series of gifts to the young lady.

First Bank of Nigeria decided to reward her with the N5000 she sent to the guy and even made her an ambassador. Chai!


N15,000 worth of makeup products? No freaking way!


Wema bank did not carry last yesterday. They used the hashtag wisely.



Lol. Ogar, Kam down. We know you can do it. Is it not you again?


Okay, she’s really a girl boss.


Well, marketing steategy. Lol


Wawu! Courtesy of Etisalat Nigeria, @missmoshiku will go to the cinema 5 times free of charge, maybe she could just invite @pabloayodeji once.


“I’ll take you places where you’ve never ever been before.”


Of course she needs the throw pillow to remember the moment when all Nigerians knew her.


Are they being serious now?


We are counting the money she’s gotten in return. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll have our share.

We think all these were done to encourage women to be empowered and not a way to bring @pabloayodeji down.

Turns out, he later apologized to her, which might just be a mature move from him, and they might get along just fine.