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Sen. Ben Murray-Bruce Calls Federal Government to act over the Treatment of Nigerians in India.

Following the summon of the Indian ambassador to Nigeria on Wednesday as a reaction to the serial attack on African students in northern India, the senator of common sense, Ben Bruce on Saturday spelt out his opinion on how the federal government is handling the issue.

He posted;

‘‘The federal government must speak out and act over the treatment of Nigerians in India.

If we remain quiet, we communicate that this treatment is acceptable.

Merely summoning an ambassador is not enough.

Additionally, the Indian government must make India as welcoming as Nigerians have made Nigeria conducive for Indians.

Those Nigerians who have already fallen victims should be compensated by the Indian authorities and those behind the attack, should be brought to justice in much the same way as Adam Purinton was speedily arrested and is now facing trial for the shooting of two Indian engineers in Kansas by US authorities.

There must be reciprocity in our relationship and the Indian government must show that it values the life of all Nigerians in India as we in Nigeria show that we value the lives of all Indians in Nigeria.”

Earlier this week, there were mob attacks in north India which left several Nigerian and Kenyan students hospitalized.

The attack as reported by CNN followed the death of a teenage in an alleged drug overdose.

According to the police, the family of the demised, filed a report against five Nigerians, who have since been detained on suspicion of drug peddling, abduction and murder.

India Attack
Peaceful demonstration.

Sequel to the arrest was a peaceful demonstration by the Association of African students in India, calling for the release of the suspects. And violent counter protest followed on Monday.

Indian students protesting.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian government on Wednesday summoned Mr. Naga Bushaan Reddy, India’s ambassador in Nigeria through the federal ministry of foreign affairs.

During the meeting, the permanent secretary to the ministry, Olushola Enikanolaiye as quoted by the news agency of Nigeria said, “This is not the first time this would happen. Nigerians have suffered similar attacks in the past.”

“So what we will like to see on this occasion is that the perpetrator should be arrested.”

“And we want to see diligent persecution so that it would serve as a deterrent to those who think they can take laws into their hands and harass students who are going about their studies.”

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