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2017 Super Bowl highlights and Lady Gaga’s epic performance.

Super bowl
The Super Bowl, is an annual championship game of the National Football Association league and the highest level of professional American football in the world. In 2017, it was held on the 5th of February 2017 in Houston. The Atlanta Falcons played against the New England Patriots.

The Atlanta Falcons who have been in existence for 51 years made their second Superbowl appearance on Sunday while for the New England Patriots, it was their ninth Superbowl in history. The New England Patriots beat Atlanta  Falcons 34 – 28.

The highlight of the Superbowl was Lady Gaga’s performance during the halftime break. While she performed, 300 drones were up in the sky forming different things. It formed the Intel Logo and later, the American flag. Intel took to their twitter page to get their credit for the drones. They called it the ‘300 Intel drones’

300 Intel drones. One amazing light show. #PepsiHalfTime #ExperienceMore pic.twitter.com/eyruTyarXe

— Intel (@intel) February 6, 2017

If only our drones could drop the mic. #PepsiHalfTime #ExperienceMore #SB51 pic.twitter.com/VEVuNEe9Ex

— Intel (@intel) February 6, 2017

They even went ahead to explain to curious people how they were able to achieve that. See below:

Curious about the tech behind the drone light show during the #SB51 #PepsiHalfTime show? #ExperienceMore https://t.co/88ljU31ux1

— Intel (@intel) February 6, 2017

Even Donald Trump took a break from all the immigration ban appeal to watch the superbowl. Lol. Awesome.

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