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Funke Akindele-Bello’s Stuns in Cover Photos for New Issue of This Day Style, Shot by the amazing TY Bello,


Funke Akindele, amazing Nollywood actress who is known for her funny English accent in the widely loved Jenifa’s dairy is on the cover for the new issue of This Day Style and she looks absolutely Stunning. According to her, the beautiful TY Bello was in charge of the camera, giving her these amazing shots.

In the magazine, Funke AKA Jenifa, talks about the dreams she had as a child to be an actress, the steps she took in the journey and of course how her most famous role (Jenifar) so far, was created.

“Jenifa was born out of the quest to pass a message. I had this desire to help in discouraging student prostitution in schools.”

“I also wanted to preach about the dangers, which includes contacting STDs, HIV, AIDS or even worse, being used for money rituals too.”

“I wanted to do it in a subtle way, which is, make them laugh and also pass a message.”

Talking about what excites her most about the Jenifa role, She said “Jenifa is very funny and as I said earlier on, she is very crazy. She’s a ‘wannabe’.”

“She doesn’t want to take no for an answer. She doesn’t care that she can’t express herself properly in English.”

“She Just keeps going at it. I like her confidence and her desire to make it in life despite all obstacles.”

To get the full interview, all you have to do is get a copy of This Day Style’s New issue.

Photography: TY Bello | @tybello

Styled by: Ayo Van Elmar | @ayovanelmar

Hair Stylist: Bernard Smiles | @bernardsmiless

Weave: Hair We Are | @hairwearenig

Makeup: Bimpe Onakoya |@bimpeonakoya