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McStanley O.


Dear Church,

(I believe by now, you already know that when I mention “Church” I mean YOU. Smiles..
There’s nothing else in my mind. Believe me.)

And so let’s continue.

I promised I was going to talk about Christ and Feminism. Well, it’s no longer a promise. I have finally received the Go-ahead to do this for the purpose of “Christianizing” Africa.

It’s important that we begin to focus on the possible Christianization of Africa as opposed to paying attention to the ‘Islamization’ myth.
And one of the ways to do that is to begin to question or redefine what we have been sold.

This article tends to highlight our approach, reaction and responsibility to FEMINISM.
So sit down quietly, get any chilled drink, popcorn and let’s drive.

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Let’s Go!

And so there’s been this confusion about the emergent feminism as it relates to the Christian faith.

Few questions are:


Apparently, in the Bible it almost appears as if the Apostle Paul opposed the women for unknown reasons. Or maybe he did. But I am not sure.

Also, In the ancient African culture, as well as other patriarchal societies, males chauvinism is something to be gloried on. It almost seemed like a crime to be born a female child.

For instance, a man can marry more than one woman and live with them in the same house and still have extra marital affairs. And nobody will see anything wrong with that.

Unfortunately for a woman, it’s not so. To think of such is tantamount to suicide.

Next, Men can comfortably cheat on their wives and proudly justify it. But the women are not even allowed to comfortably think of it, let alone to to act or justify it.

Do you remember that woman who was caught and brought to Jesus for engaging in Adultery?

Well, The first time I read that story, I instinctively asked the question
“where the hell was the man?” I mean it takes two to tango.

Maybe he jumped the fence or perhaps he died in the spot. Please allow me to make some excuses for this uncle in peace.


Again read this.

Male children are always regarded as the honor and pride of their fathers and the society. They are always the next in line; the heir apparent to the throne.

Basically they are advantaged by birth to be successors even though they are fools. Just for being a male child with some flesh in between their thighs, they are celebrated.

You already know them. In Igbo land, they are always the Obinna (father’s heart,) Ikenna (father’s might,) Nnaemeka (Father has done well,) Ugonna (Father’s Eagle) etc. While the female children are the Mgbeke (Eke Market Day,) Ola nma (Ring of beauty) Agbo nma (Lineage of beauty,)etc.

For a woman to bear female children would mean to give the husband the license to get a second, third or so wife who will bear him Male children.

The female children are always the prey. Their predators are often the men with uncontrollable libidos. These men only see them as being good for one or two things: Sex and child bearing. Nothing more.

Obviously, The women are often seen from one point___”the weaker vessels”. And it’s our fault.

But with a cross mental intercourse, interracial and intercultural marriages, otherwise education, it’s no longer safe for the menfolk because the women are now waking up.

Watch it!
Some are waking up from the right side, some from the wrong side and others from the both sides of the bed of knowledge.

No wonder the increasing clamour for gender equality. And will it ever be possible? YES…!!!

I said yes because history has never chronicled failure for women. From the garden of Eden to the garden of Boaz, from Christ’s cradle to Christ’s grave, women have demonstrated tremendous ability to achieve their objectives.

Close your eyes and Listen. What can you hear?

From the Church house to the club house, the increasing demand for gender equality is almost impossible to ignore.
The men have also joined the movement.
Give the women this!
Give the women that!!
Give women the other!!!

You see, suddenly there’s a wide eye opening on the things women should have but don’t have because they were not given by the men.

And for this, many individuals have termed themselves as feminists, profeminists and anti feminists. Personally, I would dare to add “Extreme feminists” to the list.

So the question is not whether it’s possible for them to achieve their objectives. Nah! The question should be, WHAT EXACTLY DO THEY NEED?

It is an undeniable truth that when the head is not functioning properly, it affects the neck. And when it is confused, it causes unnecessary stress for the neck. The neck just keeps turning.

Well, I believe the men are the head. And the women are the neck. We can’t fight over their their unique positions. They can’t swap positions.

When the men are not working properly, they create problems for the women. Also when they are confused, the women will begin to listen to the ‘other’ voices for direction. And by experience, this has never done us any good.

Never forget that Eve didn’t just eat the Apple for eating sake. She was dying to know what she felt Adam was keeping from her, Knowledge of good and evil.

Well, the women always need knowledge. And the men can’t afford to make the same mistake again as Adam did. Don’t just give them instruction or information, educate them.

Let’s learn from a man who has been able to do this successfully.