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Elections: Facebook rejects foreign political adverts on Nigeria, Ukraine


In order to prevent “foreign interference” around the polls, and giving people more information about the ads they see across their platforms, Facebook has announced it will not accept political advertisements from outside Nigeria ahead of the country’s upcoming general elections in February.

In a blog post, Facebook stated that this applies to Nigeria and Ukraine where presidential elections will be held in March.

For these two countries, enforcement will temporarily be expanded and foreign electoral ads will not be accepted around their elections, starting with Nigeria on January 16.

According to Facebook, their work this year builds on our political ad transparency efforts which was already launched in the US, the UK and Brazil.

Political advertisers in these countries must also confirm their identity and location before they can run ads, and their ads are housed in a public, searchable Ad Library for up to seven years.

“By shining a light on political adverts, news organisations, regulators, watchdog groups and people anywhere in the world can hold advertisers and us more accountable,” Facebook wrote in the blog post.

According to the Cable News Network (CNN)Facebook adverts, are an “integral part of the social media campaign for candidates and parties.”

“United Kingdom authorities fined Facebook with a £500,000 ($645,000) last October, saying that it failed to safeguard user data. In India, where general election will be held in April, Facebook said it would begin to archive electoral ads in an online library starting February.”