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Enwongo’s Point of View: Episode 2(STOP THE ABUSE)

Enwongo's Point of View
Photo credit: Hey Sigmund

I woke up with Holy Anger and I will let it out.
If standing up for my fellow sisters and women will make someone describe me as a Feminist, then with all sense of conviction, I accept that tag.

1. Nothing justifies physical abuse of a woman by a man. Especially those in relationships. I repeat there is no justification.

2. Please and please don’t come here and try to say “what of women that beat up their men”. If it bothers you much, write it as a rejoinder to this but don’t try to make light this issue of physical abuse against women. Because I will fall out for you.

3. Yes there are a lot of other abuse, verbal, emotional and even spiritual abuse but right now my issue is with the physical abuse. Today is for this. Another day the others will be addressed.

4. If you’re among those who see women as properties and chattels that should be acquired and therefore could be treated anyhow, you’re amongst my many inspiration to read law.

5. I have lost aunties to physical abuse. They are dead and gone. One was thrown down from a storey-building. His reason? The pregnant woman did not keep his food on time for him. He was angry.

6. And then for those of you who hide behind the bible to defend your vile actions by saying “a woman should bear abuses because the man is her head”, I have come to announce to you that I have no reply yet to you. Keep sinking destinies with this twisted lies. You’re the evil on earth. Give me a man who raised his hands on his wife in the Bible.

7. And for those of you who also say, “ladies, to avoid your man beating you, be humble and be submissive. Don’t get him angry”, I will weep for your reasoning. I am an advocate for Submission. But I will never use this as a shield for abuse.

8. If you think that a man is not a man until he has laid his hands on a woman, take it from me, you have no idea what makes a man a man. And this is sad.

9. Please and please my sisters, with tears and pain in my heart, don’t suffer in silence. Your future matters. We need you whole and alive. God needs you. Love is not bitter. His beating you does not show Love. Wake up! Please Wake up!

10. Don’t ever think that your woman will not get you angry. I mean red-angry. Don’t ever think that you will not have issues in your relationship. Those cannot be avoided. Take reins of your emotions before responding. Calm down. Talk to her maker. Go out. Give her the silent treatment. Anything else that doesn’t involve your hands. Get a grip. You also get her angry. Sort yourself. Then be the head with Love and self control.

The moment you resort to your hand to “discipline” or “tame” her, believe me you have lost it. God made you her protector and head for a reason.