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Eme’s Rants (Episode 03): Live and let live!

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Every time I have one of my regular GOTG reruns, a particular scene stands out for me. Here, Yondu captures/saves Peter’s life and this conversation takes place;

“Yondu: When I picked you up as a kid, these boys wanted to eat you. They ain’t never tasted Terran before. I saved your life!

Peter Quill: Oh, will you shut up about that? God! Twenty years, you’ve been throwing that in my face, like it’s some great thing, not eating me!

Normal people don’t even think about eating someone else! Much less that person having to be grateful for it!”

Every single time I hear Peter’s reply, I find myself muttering “Preach!” ’cause I can easily relate it to what the real world has become.

“You were stranded and a stranger took you in? He didn’t try to force himself on you sometime in the night? Write that date down in your diary, sister. You owe him your virtue”

“That governor happens to be one of the few who actually does the job he was voted in to do? Let’s canonize him”

“Today, this beautiful, polite cashier attended to me. Handled my transactions efficiently. Every penny was accounted for. When I get over my shock, I’ll kill a fat cow to show my appreciation”

“So you spent the day at Ariaria market and came back with all your body parts intact? The Lord works in mysterious ways”

Sadly, humanity has so devolved into savagery that behaviours that should belong in the natural state of affairs are now seen as otherworldly.

For now, keep morality aside. Forget religious precepts. Like it or not, man was taught those ideals.

Why would a normal person defraud, kill or try to steal his neighbour’s sexual organs?

Why lie and loot? And comfortably watch others reap the bitter fruits of your dishonesty?
Why hate someone because their skin is darker than yours?

Why try to lynch them because they don’t have sex the same way you do?

Why do we have to wake up and go to bed everyday grateful that some lunatic didn’t break in and murder us in our sleep, because, well, they felt like it?

What is this state of barbarity that we, intelligent humans with self will, are so comfortable to remain in? I’m curious.

And, please, give me something other than “because Eve ate the apple”.

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