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Eme’s rants (Episode 8) : Work on your line of thought Please!

Eme's rants

“Hannah’s early years had been punctuated by a series of unfortunate events.

How she, therefore, managed to hold on to her naivety was a mystery.

Maybe it was thanks to life in the village under the stern tutelage of her religious aunt, where she held on to dreams of fleeing to the city and meeting her prince.

Hardly surprising was it when fell in love with the first man who offered her a kind smile and listening ears. He turned out to be…”

Pause here for a minute.
What were the first words that popped into your mind? Be honest.

“A rogue of the first order, lurking beneath the smile”?

“An ass hole who took advantage of her innocence”?

Most of us have undergone secondary conditioning to always expect a nasty twist in the story.

It’s why some see two people ‘in love’ and ‘happy’ and go “Nah. He’s too smooth. Definitely a cheat”.

Or, “Please, women these days are shady. Could be pretending those orgasms cause he’s got the dough”

Or you hear a success story and beneath the sugary ‘Congratulations!’, you can’t help the stray thought; “In these times? I wonder who she had to screw to get there. Not that I’m judging.”

It’s a little ironical. Considering this is the age of fairytales. Of stories of hope and happy endings.

A little sad too. Because when you go about life holding your breath, expecting a nasty twist, waiting for demons to jump out at you from every corner, they will.

But let’s finish the story.

“…what she needed to lose her greenness. To learn about life and the intricacies of human relationships.

James was a grieving widower who seemed to have lost his purpose in life until he met the girl who stared at him with shining eyes.

She needed a protector. A teacher. And a friend. And although he was never able to convince her that what he felt was nothing more than fatherly affection, James became all three.

Years after that first meeting, the woman Hannah, now worldly wise in more ways than one, was yet to get over her broken heart”.

Not a fairy tale ending after all? Well, Happily Ever Afters aren’t the only great endings. Sometimes you walk away with a lesson. And that is enough.

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