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Ellen Degeneres Show Drops a New Edition. Watch Amazing Expert Geography Kid who Can Identify Every Place in the World.

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The Ellen Degeneres Show has been known to host several amazing people, both kids, and adults who stand out for what they do.

On this episode of the show, 5-year-old Nate from Connecticut who is really good at geography and can identify literally every place in the world gets featured.

Ellen Degeneres
Nate and Ellen on The Show

Nate who has a really funny way of laughing which will definitely make you laugh said Missouri is his favorite state. When asked why, he simply said, “Because it starts with M”. ???, but so does Minnesota and Massachusetts.

OMG! He also has a map of different places in the world drawn by himself. He drew a penguin to mark Antarctica, a pyramid to mark Egypt and…

Wait for it, he has a picture of Trump on Russia. When asked why he used Trump’s picture on Russia, he said he did that because Trump likes Russia. ??

Ellen Degeneres
Trump as Illustrated by Nate.

The young genius can also identify flags of different countries in the world. He said he wants to design cars when he grows up.

On the show, Lea Michele was also featured. Yea, You remember the Jewish girl and protagonist in glee, Rachel Berry who always wanted to be in the spotlight every time? Yes, we’re talking about her.

Ellen Degeneres
Lea Michele

She started taking pictures on beds sometimes ago and gave it a name, ‘Bed Series’. According to her, she said she tried it out after she discovered she travels a lot and always has a bed to sleep in.

She poses on the beds to take pictures and now, people even do it with her. Check out some photos from her bed series below:

Ellen Degeneres. Ellen Degeneres Ellen Degeneres

Oh! On the show, Ellen was featured on one of Lea’s bed series. See picture below:

Ellen Degeneres

American actress and comedian, Mindy Kaley was also on the show. She was asked to play a game called ‘Who’d you rather’. Pictures of different male celebrities were shown to her to pick from ranging from Drake to Michael Jordan.

Ellen Degeneres
Mindy Kaley On Ellen Degeneres show

Watch the show below: