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Edo Police arrests two young men who committed no crime

Edo Police

The two young men pictured above are from Kano State who went for the burial ceremony of their grandmother in Edo State.

They were arrested at Stella Obasanjo Hospital while waiting for the corpse of their grand mother.

According to Barrister Benjamin Iluobe, the police arrested them for being in possession of Indian hemp and when they could not find wrap of Indian hemp with them, they accused them of membership of secret cult.

According to an eye witness, Kola Edokpayi, “It is very sardonic, barbaric, wicked, monstrous, satanic, outrageous, odious, obnoxious for the police whose responsibility is to protect life and property to dehumanized a fellow citizen in order to obtain statement from him.”

“What our brothers who are policemen cannot do in their states, they are doing it to our brothers in our state and they expect us to take the tranquillising drug of sedation. Allah forbids.”

“The police demanded N200,000 from them for their freedom, they refused to comply with the police on the ground that they are innocent.”

“CP Harilu Gwandu defended the action of his men and angrily ordered that the young men should be charged to court to teach Iluobe lesson that he knows it all.”

Presently, they are in prison custody because they refused to part with N200,000. The law of karma is real. Any evil done by man to man will be redressed.”

The questions for determination are:
1. Whether the boys came from Kano State to attend their grandmother’s burial ceremony?
2. Were the police looking for igbo smokers?
3. How did the police know that they are cultists?
4. Did the police demand money for their bail even though bail is free?
5. Did the police search their phones?
6. Is police not extorting our people?

“What is bad is bad. If the Commissioner of police is not part and parcel of the extortion tendencies, he wouldn’t have defended the monstrous action of his men.

Under the commissionership of Haliru Gwandu, you cannot relax and drink beer when it is 7 pm. As a young man, you cannot drive big cars even though a Corporal is driving big cars.

“I aligned myself with Barrister iluobe that Haliru Gwandu should be redeployed after all, he is not going to be in Edo State forever.”

Enough is enough. We cannot continue to be slaves in our land of birth. Extortion of the poor is worst than treason.

We have resolved to organise a peaceful mass protest against Edo State Police Command for extortion, unlawful detention and other atrocious actions of the police.

We cannot continue to stomach the unprofessional actions of the police.”

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