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Chef Imoteda Shows Us Highlights of Her New TV Cooking Show.

Chef Imoteda

Chef Imoteda, Head chef at Heels in the Kitchen has something beautiful up her sleeves and has been keeping us in the loop lately.

She introduces the URBAN KITCHEN SHOW with the message of Food should be fun and affordable.

On the show, different chefs come together to make good food and as a surprise to them, the food is reviewed by the Show Host, Chef Imoteda and different celebrities.

She takes us through the journey of making sumptuous and healthy meals at the lowest budget possible, as well as explore the negotiation strength of the chef while she ensures quality and healthy meal is served at the end of it all.

According to her, the show will be aired via different channels. Over 10 Nigerian channels will be showing this fabulous program and other anglophone countries in Africa and UK will be taken care of by VOXAFRICA.

“It’s gonna be on VOX in the U.K. so everyone who’s asked if they can watch in the abroad yes you can. It’ll also be on a bunch of terrestrial channels and DSTV so you have no excuse to not watch it. Looking to put it online as well.” She wrote.

She gave her fans a sneak peek of the recordings which had the likes of Denrele and Kcee having a time of their lives with the amazing meals. This will sure be a show to look out for.

In Kcee’s words “Not every time rice. Rice go soon grow for our heads.”

We’re counting down to the TV premiere happening on the 4th of August 2017.

Wanna know what the show will look like? Watch the videos below:

Photos from the show below:

Chef Imoteda

Photo and Video Credit: Instagram