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Cheating Malawian woman burns husband and children after she was caught in the act.

Cheating Malawian woman
 A Malawian man who is a Revenue Officer MRA is battling for his life after suffering incendiary burns caused by his cheating wife who tried to burn him to death trying to cover up the fact that she cheated on him.
The man who was on a night shift (10pm – 6am) suddenly felt unwell and had to leave work early.
He went home after being attended to at the clinic. 
When he arrived at his house he found a strange car parked in his backyard and his little investigations quickly revealed the wife was with another man inside the house.

His wife was shocked that he had come home early and actually caught her and her lover in bed and pleaded for forgiveness but her husband told her to leave his house peacefully.
She agreed to leave but requested that she be allowed to do that in the morning saying it was dangerous to leave at night.

The husband accepted but told her to sleep in the children’s bedroom.
Later, the man woke up to a burning fire that nearly killed him. Investigations point to a petrol cane full of petrol from the garage she used to set fire on the house.
According to her, she wanted saving her face and couldn’t stand the embarrassment that waited her in the morning.
So, she had to cover up everything that happened by burning the house.
Her children did not survive the inferno but her husband is in a terrible condition at the hospital. She has also been arrested for arson and murder of the children that died in the process.
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