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Cake mania 2018: Meet your bakers.

Cake Mania 2018, the upcoming event for cake lovers and the general public is working towards making it’s fans have a field day.

There will be different booths at the events with different bakers and their art well represented. Here are some of the bakers that are out to thrill their fans at Cake Mania 2018 and their booths.

BOOTH 1: Cakes by Jawntee:

Cake Mania 2018

EduekObong Eyibio, the CEO of CAKES BY JAWNTEE is a young creative baker who established the business on the 21st of November, 2015.

He operates from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State and has worked very closely with pro bakers and has drawn inspiration from bakers worldwide.

Jawntee as popularly known, is very humble though strict. He doesn’t hold back on learning and explores numerous styles of the cake art.

In his words to young bakers, the outstanding baker said, “Just be yourself, believe in yourself, be the best, don’t hate, most importantly, God first”.

Jawntee, who is also the master of surprises, promises to surprise everyone at #cakemania2018. Watch out for the exhibitor @cakesbyjawntee who will be at Booth 1 at #cakemania2018.


BOOTH 2: Carthy Cakes and Creams

Cake Mania 2018

Catherine Johnson, the CEO of Carthy Cakes and Creams hails from Uruan Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom State.

She solves clients problem of half satisfaction by delivering beautifully crafted cakes with exquisite taste.

She loves her spatula and rolling pin even though her love for creating things with her hands brought her into the industry.

Here is what she thinks about the sugar wars:

“Why would we even think we know it all? It causes unhealthy wars. If we can channel our energy as young bakers into making friends, sharing ideas and ways to get better, it would help the industry and even ourselves.”

Her advice to young bakers, “Never give up. It’s never going to be easy but with hardworking, persistence and consistency, pay day is just going to be a step away.”

Watch out for Booth 2 at #cakemania2018.


BOOTH 3: Venera Cakes n’ Bites.

Cake Mania 2018

Unyime Asuquo, the director of affairs at Venera Cakes n’ Bites is an outstanding and hardworking young lady.

She is endowed with many skills and provides a vast number of services apart from the amazing cakes from her stables.

The cake mistress as she is popularly called,

promises to make her fans cry if they miss her booth.

In her words to young bakers, she says “Keep working hard and tomorrow will be great.”

Watch out for Venera Cakes n’ Bites who will be mounting Booth 3 at #cakemania2018.


BOOTH 4: Aediee Bakery

Cake Mania 2018

Meet one of the youngest bakers, Edidiong Essien. Edidiong is an Eket based business woman and baker.

She loves to explore the rolling pin as her favourite tool. She makes good clientele with her reliable services.

Look out for Aediee Bakery as they plan to wow you with their unique looking cakes with certified taste.

Aediee Bakery is an outstanding and fast growing brand in Eket with a promise and capacity to satisfy her fans with healthy and tasty cakes at #cakemania2018.

Her words to young bakers: “Don’t get discouraged by your mistakes no matter how many times it occurs.”


BOOTH 5: Bonero Cakes and Events

Cake mania 2018

Unyime Bassey, the CEO of Bonero Cakes and Events is an outstanding young baker.

He’s popularly known as the Cakegod as well as AtaowocakeHe has proven that the future of the baking industry lies in the young hearts by the consistent and neat deliveries of his presentations.

With his trade mark horror cakes, he has promised to further thrill his fans at #cakemania2018.

With so much to say to young bakers out there, he pointed that one just needs to have the right approach to everything and most importantly, seek mentorship.

Watch out for Bonero Cakes and Events for everything thrilling at booth 5 at #cakemania2018.