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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Lemmon Podcast (Episode 1): Good Music or, Not!

Lemmon Podcast
On this Episode, the Host Malachy and Marvel brought to table one of the most talked about phrases in the music world – GOOD MUSIC.
They talked about what good music is perceived to be, what it’s not and what it is from their perspective.
They did justice to this one with some smooth comic touches here and there on this episode.

This is worth listening to especially if you are in the music business industry, music artiste or even a music lover.

We’d love to hear what your definition of good music is and what you feel about this episode.

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Listen here:

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McStanley O.


Dear Church,

(I believe by now, you already know that when I mention “Church” I mean YOU. Smiles..
There’s nothing else in my mind. Believe me.)

And so let’s continue.

I promised I was going to talk about Christ and Feminism. Well, it’s no longer a promise. I have finally received the Go-ahead to do this for the purpose of “Christianizing” Africa.

It’s important that we begin to focus on the possible Christianization of Africa as opposed to paying attention to the ‘Islamization’ myth.
And one of the ways to do that is to begin to question or redefine what we have been sold.

This article tends to highlight our approach, reaction and responsibility to FEMINISM.
So sit down quietly, get any chilled drink, popcorn and let’s drive.

And in the end, if you find it worth sharing please click on the option and copy the link to your timeline. You can also mention your friends in the comment box to join us.

Let’s Go!

And so there’s been this confusion about the emergent feminism as it relates to the Christian faith.

Few questions are:


Apparently, in the Bible it almost appears as if the Apostle Paul opposed the women for unknown reasons. Or maybe he did. But I am not sure.

Also, In the ancient African culture, as well as other patriarchal societies, males chauvinism is something to be gloried on. It almost seemed like a crime to be born a female child.

For instance, a man can marry more than one woman and live with them in the same house and still have extra marital affairs. And nobody will see anything wrong with that.

Unfortunately for a woman, it’s not so. To think of such is tantamount to suicide.

Next, Men can comfortably cheat on their wives and proudly justify it. But the women are not even allowed to comfortably think of it, let alone to to act or justify it.

Do you remember that woman who was caught and brought to Jesus for engaging in Adultery?

Well, The first time I read that story, I instinctively asked the question
“where the hell was the man?” I mean it takes two to tango.

Maybe he jumped the fence or perhaps he died in the spot. Please allow me to make some excuses for this uncle in peace.


Again read this.

Male children are always regarded as the honor and pride of their fathers and the society. They are always the next in line; the heir apparent to the throne.

Basically they are advantaged by birth to be successors even though they are fools. Just for being a male child with some flesh in between their thighs, they are celebrated.

You already know them. In Igbo land, they are always the Obinna (father’s heart,) Ikenna (father’s might,) Nnaemeka (Father has done well,) Ugonna (Father’s Eagle) etc. While the female children are the Mgbeke (Eke Market Day,) Ola nma (Ring of beauty) Agbo nma (Lineage of beauty,)etc.

For a woman to bear female children would mean to give the husband the license to get a second, third or so wife who will bear him Male children.

The female children are always the prey. Their predators are often the men with uncontrollable libidos. These men only see them as being good for one or two things: Sex and child bearing. Nothing more.

Obviously, The women are often seen from one point___”the weaker vessels”. And it’s our fault.

But with a cross mental intercourse, interracial and intercultural marriages, otherwise education, it’s no longer safe for the menfolk because the women are now waking up.

Watch it!
Some are waking up from the right side, some from the wrong side and others from the both sides of the bed of knowledge.

No wonder the increasing clamour for gender equality. And will it ever be possible? YES…!!!

I said yes because history has never chronicled failure for women. From the garden of Eden to the garden of Boaz, from Christ’s cradle to Christ’s grave, women have demonstrated tremendous ability to achieve their objectives.

Close your eyes and Listen. What can you hear?

From the Church house to the club house, the increasing demand for gender equality is almost impossible to ignore.
The men have also joined the movement.
Give the women this!
Give the women that!!
Give women the other!!!

You see, suddenly there’s a wide eye opening on the things women should have but don’t have because they were not given by the men.

And for this, many individuals have termed themselves as feminists, profeminists and anti feminists. Personally, I would dare to add “Extreme feminists” to the list.

So the question is not whether it’s possible for them to achieve their objectives. Nah! The question should be, WHAT EXACTLY DO THEY NEED?

It is an undeniable truth that when the head is not functioning properly, it affects the neck. And when it is confused, it causes unnecessary stress for the neck. The neck just keeps turning.

Well, I believe the men are the head. And the women are the neck. We can’t fight over their their unique positions. They can’t swap positions.

When the men are not working properly, they create problems for the women. Also when they are confused, the women will begin to listen to the ‘other’ voices for direction. And by experience, this has never done us any good.

Never forget that Eve didn’t just eat the Apple for eating sake. She was dying to know what she felt Adam was keeping from her, Knowledge of good and evil.

Well, the women always need knowledge. And the men can’t afford to make the same mistake again as Adam did. Don’t just give them instruction or information, educate them.

Let’s learn from a man who has been able to do this successfully.

Sign this petition: Say no to petroleum tankers in Nigeria driving during the day.

Petroleum Tanker

In line with the current incident of the explosion of a petroleum tanker at Otedola Bridge in Lagos, Nigeria, well meaning Nigerians have spoken out on ways to stop this from reoccurring.

One of them is Olorunfemi Gbenle. Gbenle has called on every Nigerian to sign the petition on for restricting movement of trucks in built up areas within Nigeria to the hours of 11pm and 5am.

Gbenle wrote:

I’m so angry, angry at all those who had years of influence in political office and did nothing, angry at how the Nigerian capitalists do not care about anyone or anything but their pockets.

I’m angry about how the government puts little or no value on human lives.

I’m mega angry that we are a people who would do nothing but rant about this on Facebook for a few days and then forget about it till the next incident.

It reeks of complete lack of value and regard for human lives to have Lagosians living in the midst of combustibles.

Apapa tanks farms are all accidents waiting to happen, then we have to deal with the harbinger of death in the form of these trucks and the lunatics who drive them.

If you reside in Lagos , I’m sure you have a tale or two about these truck drivers who will blatantly tell you they don’t care about your life, so get out of their way.

It would seem the solution to this Problem is quite simple; Railway, a single train will convey the equivalent of 50 or more trucks in cargo.

This will save cost of transportation drastically and save us billions of tax Naira in road maintenance.

This simple yet effective means of transportation will save us all the headaches of focusing so much on our rear view mirrors while driving.

I am not stupid enough to think we won’t need tankers for delivery to the individual stations, but there surely can be a law restricting their movement in built up areas to certain times.

These issues are NOT entirely political, they are Capitalist issues.

The Business man who cuts corners to get a DPR license for a filling station smack in the middle of residential areas is as much to blame as a trucker who owns 500 trucks and would readily pay hoodlums to vandalise railway tracks.

The importer who buys accident-ed used trucks to be refurbished and sold in Nigeria should also not sit back and blame the government.

So what is the way forward? Can I get at least a thousand Nigerians to Help me sign a petition to the senate?

I will also require a lawmaker to sponsor a bill limiting the time for truck movement in built up areas to the hours of 11pm-5am.

Click here to sign the petition and invite your friends to do same.

Eme’s rants (Episode 8) : Work on your line of thought Please!

Eme's rants

“Hannah’s early years had been punctuated by a series of unfortunate events.

How she, therefore, managed to hold on to her naivety was a mystery.

Maybe it was thanks to life in the village under the stern tutelage of her religious aunt, where she held on to dreams of fleeing to the city and meeting her prince.

Hardly surprising was it when fell in love with the first man who offered her a kind smile and listening ears. He turned out to be…”

Pause here for a minute.
What were the first words that popped into your mind? Be honest.

“A rogue of the first order, lurking beneath the smile”?

“An ass hole who took advantage of her innocence”?

Most of us have undergone secondary conditioning to always expect a nasty twist in the story.

It’s why some see two people ‘in love’ and ‘happy’ and go “Nah. He’s too smooth. Definitely a cheat”.

Or, “Please, women these days are shady. Could be pretending those orgasms cause he’s got the dough”

Or you hear a success story and beneath the sugary ‘Congratulations!’, you can’t help the stray thought; “In these times? I wonder who she had to screw to get there. Not that I’m judging.”

It’s a little ironical. Considering this is the age of fairytales. Of stories of hope and happy endings.

A little sad too. Because when you go about life holding your breath, expecting a nasty twist, waiting for demons to jump out at you from every corner, they will.

But let’s finish the story.

“…what she needed to lose her greenness. To learn about life and the intricacies of human relationships.

James was a grieving widower who seemed to have lost his purpose in life until he met the girl who stared at him with shining eyes.

She needed a protector. A teacher. And a friend. And although he was never able to convince her that what he felt was nothing more than fatherly affection, James became all three.

Years after that first meeting, the woman Hannah, now worldly wise in more ways than one, was yet to get over her broken heart”.

Not a fairy tale ending after all? Well, Happily Ever Afters aren’t the only great endings. Sometimes you walk away with a lesson. And that is enough.

Meet your favourite kids, Zoey, Junior, Diane and Jack from ‘Blackish’.


Blackish, our favourite American family comedy drama has had people dedicate their time to watching it. You haven’t seen Blackish yet? Please find a way to do so and we promise you won’t regret it.

For all the Blackish fans, you all know the Johnson’s kids, Zoey,  Junior, Jack and Diane (the mischievous twin). Right?

As the drama is on it’s fifth season now, they still remain our favourite kids. The first season of Blackish was premiered on September 24, 2014 and it’s fourth season premiered on October 3, 2017,

Blackish and some members of it’s crew have been up for several nominations and awards. The show received the TCA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy and Tracee Ellis Ross known in Blackish as Dr. Rainbow Johnson received a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.

Meet the Johnson Kids

  1. Zoey Johnson:  (Yara Shahidi)
Yara Shahidi as Zoey Johnson

Yara Shahidi popularly known as Zoey Johnson, the first child of the Johnson’s in Blackish is an American actress.

She was born on 10th February, 2000 to Keri Salter Shahidi and her father who is of Iranian-American descent, Afshin Shahidi.

She has two siblings, Sayeed Shahidi and Ehsan Shahidi. Yara started her acting career at the age of six.

She finished High School recently and got accepted at every college she applied for although she chose Harvard, the Ivy league college.

According to Yara, she will major in Social studies as well as African-American studies.

She is currently on the set of Grownish, a spin-off of Blackish.

In the video below, Yara talks about her acceptance into Harvard on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


2. Diane Johnson:  (Marsai Martin)

Marsai Martin as Diane Johnson.

The Mischievous Diane! Marsai Martin, known as Diane or Crazy Diane according to Chris in the sitcom Blackish was born in Texas on 14th August 2004 to Joshua and Carol Martin.

According to Marsai’s parents, they noticed the young lad’s desire to be in the spotlight right from her early days and decided to help her achieve her dream.

They took her to the Kim Dawson Agency in Dallas, Texas where she was signed at the age of 5.

Currently, her acting career is on track as she made a big hit on one of ABC’s most popular drama, Blackish.

Due to her outstanding talent, she has received awards such as the NAACP image Awards and Young Artists Awards.

Marsai has got to be your most favourite person on Blackish.


3. Andre Johnson Jr.: (Marcus Scribner)

Marcus Scribner as Andre junior.

Marcus Scribner, the ultimately weird Andre Junior in Blackish whose love for the environment is unparalleled, was born on the 7th of January, 2000 to Troy Scribner.

Scribner, on talking about his role in Blackish says that the role wasn’t difficult to play as the role is almost a copy of his real life.

After studying acting at an early stage in life, he started scoring acting roles in the movie industry and in 2014, scored got the role of Anthony Anderson’s son in Blackish.

Scribner in the NAACP Image Awards, was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy for his portrayal of Andre Junior in the first season of Blackish.

In 2016, he also won the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Performance by a Youth, towing the line of the likes of Denzel Washington and Keke Palmer.

When not busy with his acting work, Marcus travels round the globe for humanitarian work.

He was appointed as the Chief Youth Innovator for Reserve Protection Agency in South Africa, which is in charge of helping protect Africa’s beautiful animals.


4. Jack Johnson: (Miles Brown)

Miles Brown as Jack Johnson

Miles Brown who acted as Diane’s Twin in Blackish was born in Oxnard, california on 28th December, 2004 to rapper Wildchild and Cyndee Brown.

Miles is an Adorable kid who loves dancing hip-hop and once made it to the semi finals of America’s got talent.

Yara, Marsai, Marcus and Miles are part of a beautiful tight-woven on-screen family and we love watching them.

Are you a Blackish fan?

How to Join the Foodwell Food Network and Never go hungry.


Join our newly launched Foodwell food network and get enough food items for your home. Foodwell Nigeria is a registered company with CAC as a subsidiary of ReHoB FOODS.

Our website is and Our Head office is at No. 14 Akpakpan street Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.


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(Grade 1)

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5kg Rice

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Chili Pepper


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5kg Rice

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500g Golden Morn

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6 packets of Tissue



(Grade 6)



Gas Cooker

Set of Pot

Set of Cooking Spoon

Set of Cutlery

Frying Pan

Whistling Kettle


(Grade 7)

200,000 naira cash transferred to your account.



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Make a one-time payment of 1500 naira to the company’s account:

Account number: 0095405059

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Write out your debit information on a paper. This should include;

  1. Date.
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Snap it and upload it as their proof of payment in the column above your dashboard and click on verify my account for it to be submitted to the company for verification.

Immediately the company confirms your payment, your Foodwell account is activated and you can start signing up your downlines with your registration code and referral link.



For quick verification and Instant activation of your account, this payment option is the best.

  1. Click on the blue bar where you see, pay N1500 with Master card and visa card. (You can click on it to see all the card options.

If you are using Master Card or Verve, click on pay in Naira master card or Verve.

If you are using Visa, click on pay in Naira Visa.

Type in your active email address in the column provided and click on make payment button.

The online payment credit card format will appear.  Go ahead to complete the normal online payment process, and when the transaction is successful, your Foodwell account is automatically activated.

For more information, please call Foodwell customer care line 07089369203


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Foodwell Nigeria – Fighting hunger and giving hope.

You are welcome!!!

Winter 2018 Olympics: Nigerian and Tongan teams make loudest debut.

Winter 2018 Olympics
The Nigerian team at the Winter 2018 Olympics Opening Ceremony.

The Winter 2018 Olympics has started on a very beautiful note as delegates from different countries participate in the match past with outfits reflecting their countries identity.

Ngozi Onwumere, Bobsled athlete is the Nigerian flag bearer at the opening ceremony of 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics held at the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium.

Being West Africa’s first Bobsled Team to qualify for the Winter Games is no mean feat and Ngozi, as well as her teammates, Seun Adigun and Akuoma Omeoga, are ready to compete.

Winter 2018 Olympics
Ngozi leading the Nigerian Team during the opening ceremony.

Nigeria’s first female skeleton athlete to feature in the Winter games, Adeagbo Simidele also walked alongside the Bobsled athletes.

Also walking alongside the athletes is former Director General, National Sports Commission, Gbenga Elegbeleye, wearing an agbada and also flying the Nigerian flag.

On the other hand, Pita Taufatofua, despite the 32˚F cold at 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony, stepped out in his signature look – Shirtless, with only his Bermuda shorts.

Pita Taufatofua at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony.

This is not the first time the 34-year-old athlete has stepped out in this manner. Two years ago at the Olympic Opening Ceremony in Rio, he came out shiny and shirtless carrying his country’s flag.

Winter 2018 Olympics
Pita Taufatofua at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony.

This is a clear case of one sticking to his brand.

Pita is known for excellence in his Summer Olympics sport; taekwondo; and his Winter Olympics sport; cross-country skiing.

He is also the first Tongan to appear in both the Summer and Winter Olympics and the only Tongan at this year’s games.

Photo Credits: Harry How and Matthias Hangst – Getty Images.

Femi Otedola finally opens Instagram account.

Femi Otedola

Femi Otedola, Nigerian business mogul, billionaire, and chairman of Forte Oil Plc has finally signed up on Instagram.

According to him, he did it to wad away fake accounts. It’s no longer news that a lot of people try to impersonate celebrities and rich persons and most times engage in fraudulent activities using their names.

See his first post on Instagram below:

To wad away fake accounts, I have started my own genuine Instagram. F.Ote$.

A post shared by Femi Otedola (@femiotedola) on

Nigerian actress, Mercy Johnson had once warned her fans to beware of scammers as she was not giving out Iphones and Ipads.

Records have it that with an estimated net worth of over US$1.2 billion, Otedola was the second Nigerian to ever make the Forbes annual list of the world’s richest people.

Otedola is also known for rising in style after falling, following a massive drop in the stock price of Oil and also being a super caring father to his 3 daughters and son who always seize every opportunity to tell the world about their dad.

About 13 hours after his first post, Otedola has about 7,765 followers and he is following only 5 people ; his daughters, Temi Otedola, Florence Otedola (DJ Cuppy), Tolani Otedola, music artiste, Davido, and Forte Oil Nigeria.

Femi Otedola

[Graphic Photos] Aborted Triplets found in Waste Bin.

aborted triplets

The photo above has been making rounds on social media. A set of aborted triplets were found earlier this morning in a dustbin during an environmental sanitation. One Social media User, Okafor Emeka wrote:

Ladies, please I’m down on my knees in the name of God Almighty. Stop all these things you’re doing.

How can you on earth carry an unborn baby you’ve suffered for about nine months only for you to throw it off in a refuge bin?

This is just outrageous and big murder. This set of triplet babies were found earlier this morning in a dustbin during an environmental sanitation…… Some ladies are just too heartless.

Aborted triplets

Breaking News: Court orders arrest of Innoson Motors CEO

Innoson motors
Photo Credit: The will

A bench warrant for the arrest of the Chairman of Innoson Motors Nigeria Limited, Innocent Chukwuma was issued Friday by an Ikeja High Court

In a court ruling by Justice Mojisola Dada, Innocent has been ordered to be available in the next adjournment for probable arraignment over alleged forgery.

According to Vanguard, the court made this decision due to the fact that Innocent failed to appear before the court again for arraignment over the criminal matter pressed against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in his face off with the Guaranty Trust Bank, GTB.

Justice Mojisola Dada ordered that Mr. Innocent Chukwuma should be arrested and kept in custody a day before the next adjourned date, March 14, 2018. More details later.

It can be recalled that operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC had in December 2017 arrested the CEO of Innoson Group, Innocent Chukwuma, and later released him.

Innoson had called Guarantee Trust Bank out as being behind the arrest which the bank denied.