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Meet your favourite kids, Zoey, Junior, Diane and Jack from ‘Blackish’.


Blackish, our favourite American family comedy drama has had people dedicate their time to watching it. You haven’t seen Blackish yet? Please find a way to do so and we promise you won’t regret it.

For all the Blackish fans, you all know the Johnson’s kids, Zoey,  Junior, Jack and Diane (the mischievous twin). Right?

As the drama is on it’s fifth season now, they still remain our favourite kids. The first season of Blackish was premiered on September 24, 2014 and it’s fourth season premiered on October 3, 2017,

Blackish and some members of it’s crew have been up for several nominations and awards. The show received the TCA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy and Tracee Ellis Ross known in Blackish as Dr. Rainbow Johnson received a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.

Meet the Johnson Kids

  1. Zoey Johnson:  (Yara Shahidi)
Yara Shahidi as Zoey Johnson

Yara Shahidi popularly known as Zoey Johnson, the first child of the Johnson’s in Blackish is an American actress.

She was born on 10th February, 2000 to Keri Salter Shahidi and her father who is of Iranian-American descent, Afshin Shahidi.

She has two siblings, Sayeed Shahidi and Ehsan Shahidi. Yara started her acting career at the age of six.

She finished High School recently and got accepted at every college she applied for although she chose Harvard, the Ivy league college.

According to Yara, she will major in Social studies as well as African-American studies.

She is currently on the set of Grownish, a spin-off of Blackish.

In the video below, Yara talks about her acceptance into Harvard on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


2. Diane Johnson:  (Marsai Martin)

Marsai Martin as Diane Johnson.

The Mischievous Diane! Marsai Martin, known as Diane or Crazy Diane according to Chris in the sitcom Blackish was born in Texas on 14th August 2004 to Joshua and Carol Martin.

According to Marsai’s parents, they noticed the young lad’s desire to be in the spotlight right from her early days and decided to help her achieve her dream.

They took her to the Kim Dawson Agency in Dallas, Texas where she was signed at the age of 5.

Currently, her acting career is on track as she made a big hit on one of ABC’s most popular drama, Blackish.

Due to her outstanding talent, she has received awards such as the NAACP image Awards and Young Artists Awards.

Marsai has got to be your most favourite person on Blackish.


3. Andre Johnson Jr.: (Marcus Scribner)

Marcus Scribner as Andre junior.

Marcus Scribner, the ultimately weird Andre Junior in Blackish whose love for the environment is unparalleled, was born on the 7th of January, 2000 to Troy Scribner.

Scribner, on talking about his role in Blackish says that the role wasn’t difficult to play as the role is almost a copy of his real life.

After studying acting at an early stage in life, he started scoring acting roles in the movie industry and in 2014, scored got the role of Anthony Anderson’s son in Blackish.

Scribner in the NAACP Image Awards, was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy for his portrayal of Andre Junior in the first season of Blackish.

In 2016, he also won the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Performance by a Youth, towing the line of the likes of Denzel Washington and Keke Palmer.

When not busy with his acting work, Marcus travels round the globe for humanitarian work.

He was appointed as the Chief Youth Innovator for Reserve Protection Agency in South Africa, which is in charge of helping protect Africa’s beautiful animals.


4. Jack Johnson: (Miles Brown)

Miles Brown as Jack Johnson

Miles Brown who acted as Diane’s Twin in Blackish was born in Oxnard, california on 28th December, 2004 to rapper Wildchild and Cyndee Brown.

Miles is an Adorable kid who loves dancing hip-hop and once made it to the semi finals of America’s got talent.

Yara, Marsai, Marcus and Miles are part of a beautiful tight-woven on-screen family and we love watching them.

Are you a Blackish fan?