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Behind your worlds by Richard Billions

Richard Billions

Asia, a large continent presents her diversity and China to the world with China’s resilience to brace global industrialisation and imperialism.

Today, you think Asia, China comes to mind.

The Made in China (MIC) brand was a threat to the Obama administration in no doubt their products didn’t just flood America but also Africa (and a peaked percentage of the Nigerian markets and homes).

But she seems not to be bothered about the appellation out of conviction that if she continues with her developmental efforts and gets more countries, especially those in the third world, to come along with her in terms of patronage; she too would continue to be a force to reckon with.

Where else can the country get most of her allies than Africa where the economies like Ghana, Cameroon, Senegal, Uganda, Nigeria, South-Africa and much more survives on importation?

Where else does China’s gather capacity to feed her huge population and send extra or maybe waste to needy nations which truthfully a lot are substandard but concrete than the local productions? Asia feeds herself and have to worry for the need of Africa.

Gentlemen, China would snail Africa’s efforts and get a permanent seat on the Security Council of her shoulders. China, Korea, Japan just love to solve problems but what problems are we solving locally that could also be a solution to the above listed countries?

Asia spends her day & night in the labs, refineries & factories (while few could sleep).

Africa spends hers in clubs, all night praying, fasting, and doing homework (assignments or whatever…) conducting deliverance -falling down and getting up while a percentage stays up. Don’t get me wrong prayer & fasting are wonderful!

Did you know, China prays nothing to God? They don’t believe in Christ. We pray too much, they print our Bibles, make our clothes, shoes, toys, phones, food, Tech…

Truth is, the growth of a nation is not in God’s hands- it’s in ours. Economies have risen without prayers. If we must grow it, then we must get to smart work.

Personally, I object that we have prayed enough (or maybe we pray at the wrong times). Let’s not confuse the time for work to pray and pari-per-tia.

Plus we have deliberately and consciously made religion almost inseparable with government which has brought spurious, malodorous corruption, competitions and campaign rallies into the Church and so said “Christians” looting and robing the masses under the shadows of power.

China isn’t a Christian country, the difference is clear like 7Up. Let’s not frustrate the Grace of God or make it hectic. Too much of politics is bad politics.
Someone loots/ steals heart-breaking sums from the Feds and calls him/herself a Christian. Really, who are we deceiving?

Blinded by the magic of the day and sorcery of the nights. A ‘born again’ going for deliverance to be delivered from what exactly? Can he carry Christ and something ‘deliverable’? Let’s stop moving in circles and get moving.

Most countries don’t sleep at night because they believe night is still day time just that the moon & stars takes the place of the sun.

The most important thing China wants from Africa is to convince Africa that there is the need to identify common problems and adopt same approach to solve them but wouldn’t want us solve the problems but continue to patronize her (imagine if we didn’t) it will sincerely generate a free fall on her export ratios against other continents.

China has almost become our kitchen that we almost do not #buyNigerian anymore. China is now a multi-breasted mother feeding nations. I think we have put our all leaning weight on her. I also think we are working but… I don’t think all activities equal productivity. #iAmBillions

Richard Billions is a brand manager and the Principal Consultant of The TruthMarket. He is passionate about growing his economy and making dreams substantial modules for national development. You can reach him on cell: 08057171184 or mail at richardbillions@gmail.com Facebook: Richard Billions Twitter: @SunofdlivingGod Instagram: @Sunofdmosthigh