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Adolf Hitler’s mobile phone auctioned for £161,000

Hitler's mobile phone
Adolf Hitler’s ‘mobile’ phone was recently sold for £161,000 which is approximately N63,191,417 at an auction.
This is the phone used by the Nazi leader to issue a lot of orders that sent millions of people to death.
Adolf Hitler is said to have travelled everywhere with the blood-red telephone which was made by Siemens, a German electronic company in 1943.
The phone which had Hitler’s name engraved on it was taken from Hitler’s Berlin bunker by Brigadier Sir Ralph Rayner who was the first Briton to arrive at the bunker after the dictator and his wife, Eva Braun killed themselves on 30th April, 1945 at the end of World War II.
The phone was gifted to Brigadier Sir Ralph Rayner by the Russian troops after he met with them following the German surrender in May 1945.
When Ralph was summoned back to the UK by intelligence chiefs a month later, he had smuggled the historic piece inside his suitcase.
He never said anything about the phone for decades because he was scared he would be accused of looting which was a crime in the military.

Sir Ralph stored the phone in a safe at his home in Dawlish, Devon, and rarely took it out. Ralph then passed the phone to his son Ranulf before he died in 1977.

Ranulf  who is now 82 years old finally decided to sell it.
Recently, in an auction of military items by Alexander Historical Auctions in Chesapeake City, Maryland, the phone was sold to an unknown bidder at £161,000.

The bidder is said to have done the purchase through the phone. Right now, the buyer of the phone is still a mystery waiting to be unravelled.

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