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“Broken Diamonds”  by Eduoe Ndifreke

Eduoe Ndifreke
Like a white dove
symbolizing peace,
Our hearts were symbols of love;
Harmony of a masterpiece;
True Nature of the Spirit above.
When time raised its game,
Tongues itched for the taste of fame,
And man’s heart lost its aim.
We became different kinds of different
Cloaked in religion – a defiled saint,
Fragments of rough diamonds
Lording in the strength of broken bonds.
Casualties of racism
basking in distorted heroism.
If we turn a new page,
Adopt kindness as our new language,
Bury enmity,
Unite by a sense of humanity,
The world would be a better footstool for Divinity.
© Eduoe Ndifreke 2018.
Eduoe Ndifreke is a Creative Writer, Spoken Word Poet, Social Change Advocate.
She could be reached through via eduoendifreke2@gmail.com