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Mark Zukerberg builds Jarvis, An Artificial intelligence for his home.

Last January, Zuckerberg announced that he planned to build an AI system to run his home using Facebook tools, in the latest of the personal-growth challenges he gives himself each year.

An exciting exploration of the state of the art of AI–a technology field essential to Facebook’s future–the project also forced him to refresh his command of the company’s programming tools and processes.

 That in turn has reconnected him to the daily experience of the thousands of engineers he manages and the engineering culture that’s at the heart of one of the world’s most important technology companies.

Over the last year, though, Zuckerberg has spent between 100 and 150 hours on his home project. Though it’s named for Tony Stark’s futuristic Jarvis AI in the Iron Man movies, it’s more akin to a homemade, highly personal version of something like Amazon’s Alexa service, letting him and his wife Priscilla Chan use a custom iPhone app or a Facebook Messenger bot to turn lights on and off, play music based on personal tastes, open the front gate for friends, make toast, and even wake up their one-year-old daughter Max with Mandarin lessons. He uses Morgan Freeman’s voice.

Mark said “My personal challenge for 2016 was to build a simple AI — like Jarvis in Iron Man. Now that it’s working and the challenge is almost over, I wrote up a description of what I built, as well as some thoughts on the state of AI and what surprised me.”

Click on the link below to see Jarvis.  👇👇👇👇


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