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How to react if you get a present you hate this Christmas

Gift-giving should be simple and straightforward. However, Christmas is big business.

For the odds are you’re bound to receive at least one gift in your lifetime which left you either not fussed, perplexed or apoplectic
with rage.

However, etiquette expert Myka Meier, founder of Beaumont Etiquette, has the low-down on gift giving and receiving.

The correct etiquette no matter how the gift makes you feel is, according to Myka, ” to always be gracious, by smiling and
saying thank you.”

Never let that smile waver, either. “You should never show negative emotion in response to a gift you’ve just opened, as it
could truly hurt someone’s feelings. We should only ever show gratefulness.

“Remember, not just your words will show positive or negative emotion, but be conscious of your body language and facial
expressions too!”

Myka’s top tips
1. Always show gratefulness, no matter what you think of the gift – the fact someone got you something shows kindness, which should always be appreciated.
2. Always write a thank you letter, no matter how you feel about the gift.
3. Choose wording carefully and think before you speak! While you don’t want to lie and say you love something when you don’t, you can use other descriptives such as ‘This is such a creative gift or ‘How thoughtful a gift’.
Have a Merry Christmas and show some love.
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