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Corp member finds love during NYSC. Read story here πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

“Aloy and I met during my service year. I was posted to the hospital where he works, for my NYSC posting.

The first time I saw him was when he came into my
consulting room to pick up some equipment,
although he says he had seen me before then while I walked through the corridors.

We realized some weeks later that we had a mutual friend and that sparked up the first conversation we

Thereafter, it was the occasional ‘hi’ and ‘hello’ until one
day, he walked me to the car and when he learnt I
was passing through the market on my way from work, he insisted he wanted to share in what I was shopping for so I invited him for lunch.

Our first date came after I passed one of my exams and
he asked to take me out to celebrate
my success. I cancelled several times then
eventually, I agreed and from then on,
our friendship blossomed, which grew till he took it
to the next level when he asked if I was seeing someone. We
began dating and the rest is history.

The proposal was a quiet and intimate one. It was my birthday and he asked me severally what I wanted for my birthday. Each
time I jokingly answered, ‘all I want is u.’ On that day, after opening my gifts, he took me back to the same place we had
our first date.

After eating, we slow danced to the music playing in the background, then from nowhere, he got down on one
knee, brought out a ring and popped the question.

Of course I said yes and here we are today!” 

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