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53-yr-old Woman Killed in Lagos by Stray Bullet While Chasing Yahoo Boys.

Woman Killied in Lagos

Ouch! This is sooo sad.  A 53-year-old woman named Mrs. Kudirat Adebayo was killed by a stray bullet from a policeman’s gun in Lagos on Tuesday. Chai!

This happened at the Railway Crossing, Mushin, Lagos.

According to eye-witnesses, the incident occurred around 5pm, when six policemen who were chasing a suspected internet fraudster, popularly known as Yahoo Boys, fired a shot, which hit the woman, who sold yam cake (Ojojo) and Agidi.

After the incident, two of the policemen, reportedly fired into the air to scare away a mob, which had gathered to demand justice over the death of Mrs. Adebayo and some people sustained injuries in the stampede that followed.

Mrs. Adebayo, is an indigene of Ogun State, who lost her husband several years ago and had been taking care of their two sons since.

Nike Fatai, sister to the deceased narrated the incident and said all the family wants is justice for her sister.

“Some police officers arrested a man, but one white garment cleric intervened. I do not know what transpired, as the officers started shooting.”

“This is not the first time they are doing this thing. They killed one Hausa man here last year as well, but his people did not do anything about it. They just buried him immediately. All we want is justice for our sister.” She said.

According to Vanguard, a resident of the area, Bajomo also revealed that one motorcyclist, who went to complain to one of the police operatives that they had killed somebody, was shot in the leg. He was said to have been rushed to Continental Hospital, where he was treated and thereafter discharged.

We hope justice is served.