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Woman sues Kenyan Deputy President for child neglect.

Deputy President of Kenya,William Ruto has been sued by a woman for child support saying he has neglected his parental responsibility for the child.

In her court documents, she indicated that she met Ruto in
2005 while studying at Moi University and that her child was born on March 6, 2006.

Lawyer Gitobu Imanyara filed the suit in court on Thursday.

According to the suit,
“The defendant has failed to provide the minor with adequate and basic necessities such as good health, food, school fees, clothing, shelter and medication.”

“The defendant has eschewed and neglected his parental responsibility as demanded of him under the constitution of Kenya.”

It also added that “Unless the application herein in certified urgent, the minor will continue to suffer irreparable loss to healthy growth and educational development.”

Amongst all comments on the issue, a twitter user, Chris Rambo said his wife might not have known about it. See the response he got.


Spare a thought for DP Ruto wife. Perhaps she got from twitter that she’s a step mum #KusemaNaKitanda #BabaAbby

— Chris Rambo (@ChrisRambo_) February 3, 2017


@ChrisRambo_ she’s an African woman.. she knew ages ago.. sadly

— Miss Violette (@NdukuWambua) February 3, 2017


@ChrisRambo_ No no! Wives know these things very quickly. Their spy networks are thorough.

— Dominic WALUBENGO (@waluwande) February 3, 2017

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