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Video proof: Dede Mabiaku did not walk out on Femi Adesina. – Lagostalks 91.3fm

Afrobeat musician,  Dede Mabiaku, was said to have stormed out of a session on Lagostalks 91.3FM, a radio station in Lagos, where he and Femi Adesina, special adviser to the president Buhari on media and publicity, were involved in a

Mabiaku had interrupted Adesina, who was trying to respond to a question on calls for a nationwide protest over  the economic situation.

“Mr. Dede that’s not your question, “It is my question so I will answer it. This is a country of about 180 million… Don’t forget that there are some people who are yet to recover from the loss of the 2015 election. Some are still in the election mode.” Adesina said.

When asked if those calling for protest are supporters of the losers of the election, Adesina said: “Majority of them.”

Mabiaku told him to take it easy and kept interrupting him. Obviously irritated, he said: “Dede, will you keep quiet and let me talk?”

Mabiaku demanded an apology from Adesina, but the presidential spokesman rejected the request, saying that he was not rude to Mabiaku.

People had said that Dede walked out of the studio but a later video posted by the radio station refuted those claims.

Watch the video below.

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