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Tosin Ayo (Word Bank) writes a letter to Patrick Obahiagbon on his birthday. We don’t know what it means but we hope Patrick gets it.

Please someone should inform Patrick Obahiagbon that he has found his match. Tosin Ayo shows him just how it’s done and dishes it out to him exactly how he likes it served.

This birthday wish can only be understood by the saints. We don’t have plenty time for grammar but you can read through. We hope you understand it. Lol

Read the letter below.

Warning ⚠: If you haven’t had breakfast, please don’t read.

Now, you may continue.

Dear. Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon,

As you herald the observance of your earthly ascent cum natal pellegrination, fraternal origination and trumpetic monumentalization, I adulate your unapologetic, unattritional, uncompunctious literary obscenity, peculiar intellectual execration, blatant socialistic menstruation and avuncular political calibration bereft of cataclysmic buffoonery a la de die in diem antidepressant obtrusivity and fractious obstreperousness.

A marveille bouquet of merited cognomen, flowery eulogia and cap-fitting panegyrics have flown tempestuously to your fons et origo and I am consensus ad idem with all the retinue of tributers that you remain an emulous non pareil epiphanic emblematization of public imagery and it will not amount to mindless rodomontading to espouse you as the indisputably earth-shattering jaw breaking slayer of communication and irrevocable literary avatar seised of a sui generis Heirophantic emission.

I reverently wish you a recurrent decimation of our auditory discombobulation and a lifetime of ensorcelled sashaying of grandiose grandiloquence on the template of the breathing. May the Celestial trail blazers and the Cosmic hosts enrich your magnus opus with more obfuscation from the sacred Empyreans and grant you effeminate consecration, profound astounding eternal accreditation, systemic intrepidity, mental corrigendum and pious spiritual discernment as you hold aloft your extremely inspirational comic satire and incandescent flambeau to your patented constituents. Keep on tintinnabulating like the sounds of rhythmic ambivalence. Ad multos annos. So, what am I writing? Happy Birthday Sir.

-‘Tosin Ayo,

The ‘Word Bank’

All of us at Veragist will like to keep it simple. Happy Birthday Egbon Patrick. 😂😂