Home NEWS Teenager dies after trying to kiss a live Cobra.

Teenager dies after trying to kiss a live Cobra.

An 18-year-old volunteer snake rescuer, Somnath Mhatre, who has rescued more than 100 snakes died on the 2nd of February after he was bitten by a venomous cobra while trying to kiss it for a photo stunt.
According to a fellow snake rescuer, Somnath had gone to rescue a snake from a car at central business district Belapur to move it to a safer place. But after he posed for a photo attempting to peck the snake on the head, the snake sunk its fangs into his chest.
Somnath was rushed to hospital in Navi Mumbai, India, where he fought for his life but died five days later. Activists are now saying that the Forest Department should issue guidelines to take action against those involved in performing and posting pictures of stunts which involves snakes.
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