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See what a brother to the woman who died because her church doctrine does not permit blood transfusion said.

Moses Odiketa, a brother to Ozor Peace Euodia, the young lady who died during childbirth because she refused blood transfusion has been exchanging words with people after they had criticized his
late sister for not accepting blood transfusion because of church (Jehovah’s witness) doctrines.

After a lot of people said what his sister did was unreasonable, he had to answer them because for him, it was too much. According to Moses, it was not a bad thing but a good thing that she kept her faith which means she died for what she believed in. He added that her death is an honour to their family.

“It is an honour to us. To you, it’s your shame.” he had told someone who said it was a shame for her (Peace) to die like that.

When someone else said she’ll explain to God when she gets to heaven, he countered that she is not going to heaven, since she will be resurrected on earth in the new world (obviously another belief). May God help us all. Read some comments below:

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