Home NEWS See the ‘tree girl’ who has tree barks growing on her face.

See the ‘tree girl’ who has tree barks growing on her face.

 The little 10-year-old girl pictured above is Sahana Khatun from Bangladesh and she is thought to be the first female ever diagnosed with the “tree-man syndrome”. Sahana already has
bark-like warts growing on her face. 

Her father has become really worried following the discovery that their daughter is growing bark-like warts on her face and body.

The Bangladeshi doctors think the ten-year-old Sahana Khatun could have contracted it after growths started around her chin, ears and nose. About six people are known to have the condition worldwide and Sahana is thought to be the first woman affected. Sen said: “We believe she is the first woman.” Doctor Samanta Lal said.

The warts grew rapidly over a period of four months. The girl’s father Mohammad Shahjahan said he was not really worried about it at first but as he noticed it growing out of control, he took her from their village in northern Bangladesh to the capital Dhaka for treatment. Now, he worries whether he has enough money to treat the growths

Mohammad said: “We are very poor. My daughter lost her mother when she was only six.

“I really hope that the doctors will remove the barks from my beautiful daughter’s face.”

Abul Bajandar, also from Bangladesh, is the most high-profile victim of the bad condition – named epidermodysplasia verruciformis. The 27-year-old has been undergoing intense treatment to remove tree-like growths from both his hands. 

After sixteen surgeries to remove 5kg of growths, Sahana and her dad are almost ready to return home.

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