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Meet this Nigerian who graduated with a 7.0 CGPA from University of Ibadan

The young man pictured above is Daniel Nkemelu Kelechukwu, a graduate of computer science at the University of Ibadan. The 24-year-old from Nnewi-North LGA in Anambra State said he is the fifth of seven children.

When asked about his parents, he said   “My dad, Mr Daniel Nkemelu, is a business man and
my mum, Mrs Augustina Nkemelu, is a caterer and fashion designer. They are based in Lagos. I can talk about how amazing they are all day, but let me simply say, they are God’s gift to me.”

About how he got the 7.0 CGPA, he said “It was challenging and interesting. Studying at the University of Ibadan is a rigorous process. My initial intention as a freshman was to do well and hopefully get a First Class result. However, after my first session, I started having loftier dreams… In the end, I was able to achieve it. In other universities, a perfect score is 5.0. While in U.I, the perfect score is 7.0.

“The University of Ibadan started in 1948 as an extension of the University College, London. UCL used a 7-point scale at the time and we aligned with it. I heard there are plans to switch to a 5-point scale soon, though, I’m not an authority on this subject.”

On his reading lifestyle, he said: “My reading pattern was very dynamic. I didn’t have a fixed time or location. My kind of course requires broad understanding of concepts and practical application, so I could spend the whole day programming or reading tech blogs and reviews. I visited the school library occasionally because it was conducive and distraction was minimal. I also held periodic tutorials that made me read in depth, so I could explain properly to others.

He also added that he is a freelance web developer and did some software projects for people that fetched him money. He also turned down some too when he needed to concentrate on his studies.”

This is no mean feat. Congratulations Daniel.

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