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Meet the couple who live in a bush because they are allergic to modern houses.

Kate Burrows and her husband Alan who say they are allergic to modern life have been told by the North Devon Council to move out from their mud-hut after 19 months of staying there. The Council said they broke planning laws and have given them until December to move out.

The English couple had moved from their former rented home because according to Mrs. Burrows, she has an allergy to modern life, which usually made her feel like she had the flu all the time and sometimes had series of illnesses.

They built their new house from mud, tree trunks, and straw, in the Tarka Valley, near Chulmleigh, Devon. Kate said their new home cured her allergy because she found out she had recovered a great deal after they moved in.

Mrs Burrows appealed against the order, citing illness from a condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), but the appeal was rejected.

MCS is a chronic, physical illness affecting people of all ages and backgrounds. It causes sufferers to have allergic-type reactions to very low levels of chemicals in everyday products. Put simply, the immune and detoxification systems stop working properly and the body cannot process toxins efficiently. Besides reacting to things like cleaning products, shampoo, perfumes and pesticides, many sufferers are also sensitive to food, medicines, moulds and electromagnetic fields.

I can’t go back to being ill like that, it fills me with absolute horror.”

She said.

She is now campaigning for planning policies in England which can allow largely self-sustaining homes like theirs.

“I think it’s really important that people like are us are allowed to live on their own land without causing any damage, This is normal life.” she said.

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