Home NEWS Man Who Smuggled Gold in His Rectum Sentenced to Prison.

Man Who Smuggled Gold in His Rectum Sentenced to Prison.

A Canadian man, Leston Lawrence, who worked at a mint has been sentenced to 30 months in prison after a judge ruled that he stole gold from the Royal Canadian Mint.

The 35 year old hid the gold in
his rectum in order to bypass metal detectors.

Lawrence was found guilty of laundering the gold through Ottawa Gold Buyers in November 2016.

On Thursday, Judge Peter Doody ruled Lawrence had robbed the mint of 22 gold nuggets worth $165,451.14 ordered him to pay $190,000 in restitution. The judge said the prison sentence will serve to stop others from stealing again.

Lawrence, had reportedly worked at the Canadian Mint from 2008 until March 2015.

He first aroused suspicion when he cashed two checks worth $15,200 from Ottawa Gold Buyers.

The bank called the police, who then began surveillance on him. When Lawrence’s safety deposit box was investigated by the police, they found four gold nuggets along with Vaseline and latex gloves, which Doody said “could have been used to facilitate insertion of gold items inside his rectum.”

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